Brush off stairs: a 6-step guide

It is not always enough to sand down the old paint before the new paint job. Sometimes the existing paint coating is very thick, may peel off already, or have a lot of scratches and holes. You may also want to restore the woodiness of your staircase? With our instructions in 6 steps you stain your stairs clean.

Protect your health!

Stripping pastes always contain harmful solvents, so it is best to protect yourself with suitable respiratory protection. Also wear eye protection and solvent resistant gloves. In well-ventilated rooms less toxins accumulate in the air!

Stripping the stairs properly: That's how it works!

  • duct tape
  • foil
  • Stripping paste
  • water
  • brush
  • spatula
  • brass brush
  • Lapp

1. Mask off the surface

Use adhesive tape and foil to protect the adjacent surfaces from the paint stripper and the peeling paint.

2. Apply a paint stripper

Apply the paint stripper on a limited area with the help of the brush. For larger areas, also use the spatula to apply the pasty mass, which may well form a 1 cm thick layer.

3. Allow crusting

Allow the dissolving varnish to dry and crust, which can take up to 24 hours. Only then goes to the filling!

4. Remove old paint

Now remove the old paint, which has been removed from the substrate, with a spatula and a brush. When working on wood, only use brass brushes, steel will cause more scratches and discolored oak.

5. Wash

Now wash all paint and Abbeizerreste with lukewarm water and a lint-free cloth. Then: Let everything dry well.

6. Reworking with sandpaper

Stick in the corners and in the grain still small paint residues, you can remove them carefully with sandpaper. Now grind the entire surface for a new coat of paint.

Tips & Tricks

First, test the stripper of your choice in a small area to see if it works. A good alternative to picking up the stairs is the hot air blower, which dissolves old layers of paint with a stream of hot air.

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