Dress up the stairwell attractively

If the staircase undergoes a thorough renovation, the stairwell also usually needs a makeover: this way, you can create a pleasant, homogeneous overall picture of your staircase. If the entire staircase is covered, it is advisable to cover the stairwell with the same material. But a white staircase eye matches a wooden staircase - or another color scheme that harmonizes with the room.

How to dress the stairwell?

You have the choice between many different materials to aesthetically dress your stairwell. We have selected the most popular materials for you:

  • Real wood for a naturally warm look - relatively expensive
  • Tiles as easy-care and attractive paneling - many decors possible
  • Fermacall panels, trowelled and painted in the appropriate color: particularly cost-effective
  • Veneered MDF boards - cheaper than real wood with a similar look
  • Laminate - easy to clean and easy to cut, in many different decors

Clean finishes for your new trim are available with color-coordinated moldings, which are available in many different variations. Simple three-quarter bars, flat transition strips and beautifully structured profiles are waiting for you!

The strips are made of wood, plastic or metal, some have an MDF core and are foiled or veneered. The prices vary according to the many different qualities and materials.

Dress the stairwell yourself - or hire craftsmen?

A one-storey staircase can usually be well renovated in own work, if the handyman adjusts to the trim work on some precision work. Larger staircases sometimes need to be scaffolded or special stairwells are used.

Overall, the answer to the question of whether to disguise the stairwell itself or engage a craftsman, depends heavily on the amount of work, the level of difficulty and their own skills.

If you are unsure, you may want to hire a skilled craftsman and work with him on the stairwell. This is how do-it-yourselfers have a great opportunity to learn.

Tips & Tricks

How about planning a staircase lighting in the course of the conversion? Halogen recessed spotlights in the stairwell or on the steps provide beautiful light accents!