A standpipe is the connection between downpipe and sewer

A standpipe connects a rain downpipe with the sewer pipe. It usually consists of a sturdy material and protrudes half a meter to one meter from the ground. Preferably, the downcomer should have an overflow and an inspection opening.

Stanchions made of durable material

If there is a backwater or a clogging of the sewage system, an excessive water pressure can occur. Standpipes should be made of a material that can withstand the stresses.

If the standpipe is protected, a height of half a meter is sufficient. If it is open, it should be extended to a height of 1.50 meters. To prevent it from cracking during overpressure, it is advisable to install an overflow.

Inspection opening and rain collector

The openings of the overflow are often integrated into an inspection opening. This is required if the standpipe is difficult to reach. If dirt is to be expected due to leaves, then a leaf collector can also be installed above the standpipe.

If you want to collect rainwater that is to be used for casting, you can install a rain collector directly on the standpipe, ideally below the downpipe strainer.

Commercially available are complete rainwater filters with standpipe for installation in the downpipe. These consist of housing pot, upper part and filter insert. The material selected is stainless steel, the parts are low maintenance and suitable for the dishwasher.

Also available are standpipes made of PE plastic. These are

  • weatherproof
  • aging
  • weldable
  • frost resistant
  • shockproof
  • UV-resistant
  • light
  • easy to edit

Prices and providers

Standpipes for one downpipe are available in plastic version from about 13, - Euro per meter. A PE standpipe in the dimensions 110 mm x 5 meters is priced at about 15, - €.

Internet providers are

  • Dachbaustoffe.de
  • Masc-gmbh.de
  • dach-paulus.de

Tips & Tricks

The standpipe is the connection from the downpipe to the sewer pipe. Plastic pipes are very well suited for this because it is easy to process, easy to clean and resistant to many influences.

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