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  • A steak knife is an integral part of a steak cutlery and is characterized first and foremost by a very sharp blade. So you can ensure that juicy meat is cut exactly and not tattered.
  • As a rule, noble steak knives are made of sturdy stainless steel and have either a smooth or serrated blade. The handles are mostly made of wood, stainless steel or plastic.
  • So that your steak knives do not dull, we recommend that you refrain from cleaning in the dishwasher. As a precaution, clean the blades by hand.

Steak knife comparison 2018: comparison

Are you looking for a new way to invest your money? What makes real gourmets' mouth watering, others get only incomprehension: Kobe beef. For one kilogram of Japanese beef, up to 600 euros are charged, Thus, the meat of Kobe or Wagyu beef, as these Japanese cattle breeds are also called, the most expensive beef in the world.

Even if you do not end up with Wagyu in the local pan: For real meat connoisseurs, preparing steaks alone is an art form of its own and the taste is a true experience. Where so much emphasis is placed on quality and preparation, there should not be an end to your own plate. A sharp steak knife not only makes cutting and portioning easier Your steak, it also ensures that the meat remains juicy and tender.

To ensure that your knife blade glides through aromatic steaks in the future, as in the case of professionals, you will find out in our steak knife comparison 2018 what you should pay attention to when buying.

Steak knife comparison 2018: steak

1. Now it gets hot - Why put on steak knives?

How to set the right cut

Steak knife comparison 2018: knife

A really good steak is best bought at the butcher Your trust. On the spot, you either have the option of portioning the respective piece of meat, or you can do this step in the home kitchen. You should note some details:

  • Take advantage of the kitchen work always a separate cutting board for meat, another for fruits and vegetables and another for baked goods. This is how you always work hygienically.
  • Use a sharp meat knife or a steak knife to cut your meat portions professionally. Always orient yourself by the grain and the meat fibers.
  • Now cut with your best steak knife across the fibers, This will prevent the meat from becoming chewy when fried.

According to a study by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE), the meat consumption of the German population in 2015 amounted to 59.2 kg per capita. Since the survey began in 1991, individual consumption has fallen slightly by about 5 kg per person. Reasons for this can be very diverse. In addition to the increase in alternative and meat-free nutritional concepts, the conscious and sustainable consumption of meat may have contributed to a decline in values.

Especially for meat lovers should not just the quantity, but above all the quality of the animal product in the foreground stand, So that you can enjoy them perfectly, it is recommended to use a special steak knife for cutting.

A steak knife has an average blade length of twelve centimeters and a slightly upturned shape. The main focus is also on this, which can either be smoothed or slightly serrated depending on the type. The latter is also referred to as serrated edge.

In addition to the knife blade and the handle plays a role, since he decides not insignificantly on the handling of the kitchen helper. If you buy a steak knife, you have the choice to choose a product with plastic, wood or stainless steel handle, One variant is not better than the other. The biggest differences are optical. If you already own steak or meat forks and want to put together a set of cutlery later on, you can orient yourself to the individual materials and select suitable copies.

The Advantages and disadvantages a steak knife compared to a traditional chef's knife, we have put in a nutshell for you:

  • very sharp blade
  • cuts meat fibers without ripping them apart
  • best cutting result by gently s-shaped curved cutting edge
  • not suitable for chopping herbs or cutting vegetables

2. Purchase advice for steak knives: You must pay attention to this

2.1. On the knife's edge

Steak knife comparison 2018: 2018

Stainless steel blades are resistant and hardly rust.

Whether paring knife or bread knife: The material of choice is often stainless steel. There are also a variety of ceramic knife types - ceramic steak knives are rarely found. To keep the blade sharp for a long time, steak knives are usually made of stainless steel and are therefore durable and almost rust-free.

2.2. The right touch

It does not matter whether you choose a cheap steak knife or a premium model: the cut and thus the cutting force should convince in the steak knife test. The common ones Steak knives may have a smooth blade or serrated edge, What this is all about is illustrated in the following table:

Steak knife with a smooth blade

Steak knife comparison 2018: comparison

Knives with a smooth edge are the classic and can be found especially in fruit and vegetable knives and meat and fish knives again. As the name suggests, a smooth blade has no teeth or scratches and thus slides with the entire cutting edge through the food.

The advantage: The smooth surface prevents fraying and tearing and a clean cut is created. Of course, only if the knife is correspondingly sharp.

Steak knife with serrated edge

Steak knife comparison 2018: knife

The wave or Sägeschliff found especially in bread knives again.

The wave-like shape causes that the knife works like a saw with every movement in the food It is therefore suitable for crispy crusts and harder foods such as bread and roast.

Attention: Especially Serrated serrated knives should not be handled with sharpening steel or a grindstone, A file with diamond is much better. High-priced models should therefore be regrind by a specialist, before you permanently damage your knives.

2.3. Smart packed

Steak knife comparison 2018: 2018

Make a good figure: steak knife in a wooden box.

All steak knives in comparison are delivered in an elegant box or a wooden box, So you do not have to keep the sharp blades, which are usually sold in the set, permanently in your cutlery box, but you can take the knives out of the decorative outer packaging if necessary.

The box also protects the bladesbecause they do not come into contact with other knives or metal cutlery items due to storage in the packaging. So the blade stays sharp for a long time and does not get any unwanted edges.

Another plus: steak knives or complete steak cutlery sets are an ideal gift for gourmets or hobby chefs.

3. Care and cleaning tips for your steak knives

Whether cutlery set or individual steak knives made of stainless steel: A thorough cleaning ensures that you have lasting pleasure in your knives. Do not leave them dirty for a long time after use. because acidic foods could permanently attack the steel.

You should also refrain from cleaning in the dishwasher, although steak knives are often dishwasher-safe. Very aggressive cleaning solutions may cause your blades to dull. Therefore, better take a rag or sponge and clean the kitchen utensils with regular detergent by hand.

5. FAQs about steak knives

5.1. Are steak knives exclusively for meat?

Steak knife comparison 2018: steak

Beef only? Not at all! A steak knife is also suitable for fish fillets or pizza.

Regardless of whether you own a twin or Rösle steak knife or trust another manufacturer when cooking, your steak knife does not care if you cut meat, fish or a pizza. Wherever a sharp blade is needed, a good steak knife can be used, For peeling, however, you should better bet on a smaller knife or a vegetable cutter.

5.2. Is there a steak knife test at Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet published its own steak knife test. In issue 12/2014, however, the testing institute took a close look at 20 different Japanese Santokus, ceramic knives and ordinary chef's knives. In terms of quality, the brands WMF, KAI and Böker were convincing.

5.3. Should I bet better on steak knives with wooden handle?

A steak knife with a wooden handle is reminiscent of a classic steakhouse. If you want a steak knife with a gastronomic feel, then your choice should fall on this category. In general, knife handles should come up with a good balance and be optimally in the hand, This not only makes cutting easier, but also makes the cut more even. However, this applies equally to knife handles made of stainless steel or plastic. Here, the optics is clearly your personal preference.

The selection of steak knives is not exactly low. So you get a better overview and the choice of your personal steak knife test winner can be eased, Below we show you the most popular manufacturers and brands, where the marked companies have specialized exclusively on blades of all kinds:

  • Boker
  • Villeroy & Boch
  • twin
  • WMF
  • KAI
  • Makami
  • Laguiole
  • Rosle
  • Thomas Rosenthal
  • Gräwe
  • pot
  • gefu
  • güde
  • Steak Champ

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