Steam cleaner against fleas - does it help?

Fleas are always a problem dar. Especially cat fleas are common. Fleas are very stubborn animals that have developed very effective survival strategies in millions of years - and are therefore difficult to combat. Whether steam cleaners can actually effectively remedy this, read in this post.

Flea species in the house

In our living areas, various flea species can nest, the most common is the cat flea. Dog and human fleas are also found occasionally. Fleas feed on the blood of mammals and sometimes change the host.

Fleas are a particular burden because they can also transmit diseases during stinging. For that reason, you should kill them as effectively as possible.

Particularly problematic is the multiplication of fleas. Even a single female lays in the three-week lifetime over 2,000 eggs that spread everywhere. The result is flea larvae, which can also feed on dander (such as mites). As adult fleas, they then jump on passing animals or humans.

control methods

Adult fleas that are found can be killed. The problem is, however, the next generation. Here are various ways to combat:

  • Poisonous sprays (often contain pyrethrum, the so-called chrysanthemum agents, which are neurotoxins and are not very healthy)
  • Fogger (prevent the development of flea larvae)
  • Medicines for the animal, which prevent the hatching from the eggs, but the duration of action is usually around one year until the plague decreases

To combat acute fleas and flea eggs best is a steam cleaner.

Flea control with the steam cleaner

Especially preferred areas should be heavily steamed:

  • sofa cracks
  • all hidden areas
  • carpeting
  • textiles
  • pillow
  • bed
  • Dog or Katzchenkörbchen

In case of heavy infestation, steaming twice a day may well be appropriate. This causes a lot of effort, but is still a much more advantageous method than poisons. It is best to use steam cleaners here.

Tips & Tricks

Spreading diatomaceous earth (using food grade!) And sucking it up after a few days can also be a good way to reduce acute infestation. Also, consider sprinkling fine-grained salt or borax on your pet's favorite spots.

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