Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018

Purchase advice for the steam cleaner comparison or test 2018

  • The steam cleaner is a cleaner that works with hot water vapor and pressure. Heated water evaporates and softens dirt on the surfaces to be treated. The dirt dissolves and is then wiped off with a microfibre cloth.
  • The cleaning with the steam cleaner is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic: When cleaning is completely dispensed with chemical cleaning agents. Nevertheless, bacteria and germs are almost 100% killed.
  • Depending on the application, you have the choice between different versions of the cleaner: floor equipment (floor steam cleaner, steam cleaner), hand tools (hand steam cleaner / steam duck, window cleaner / window vacuum) and handle (steam brush).

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom: removing stubborn deposits such as dirt, limescale and grease often requires long, tiresome scrubbing, strenuous scrubbing and a considerable amount of cleaning agent. With the steam cleaner you eliminate dirt quickly and thoroughly and do not need any physical strength or chemical cleaner, but only hot water vapor.

According to a survey conducted by MarketAgent in 2015, 25.8 percent of Austrians surveyed own a steam cleaner or steam cleaner and benefit from its efficient cleaning performance. In our detailed Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018 you will learn more about the functionality, the advantages and disadvantages as well as the different types of steam cleaner. In our purchase advice you read what you should consider when buying the steam cleaner and find the best steam cleaner.

1. Steam is released properly from 100° C: This is how the steam cleaner works

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

A steam cleaner is a useful cleaning helper.

The steam cleaner is - as his name anticipates - a cleaner that works with steam. In the tank kettle of the device, water is heated until it evaporates. At normal air pressure, this is the case when heated to 100° C. The hot water vapor comes out through the nozzle attachment. The mixture of temperature, pressure and steam softens dirt and dust and dissolves them from the polluted surface (e.g., tile joints, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, hobs, mirrors, etc.).

Now wipe the surface with a microfibre cloth to remove the dissolved impurities. Special steam cleaner accessories such as brushes and cleaning attachments simplify your work even more.

These advantages and disadvantages brings the cleaning with the steam cleaner for your household:

  • quickly: Dirt is released quickly
  • thoroughly: Even places that are difficult to access are cleaned
  • hygienic: common household bacteria are removed
  • power saving: low effort
  • environmentally friendly: Abandonment of chemical cleaning agents
  • not suitable for all materials (be careful with temperature and humidity sensitive surfaces)
  • Danger of scalding due to hot water vapor (if used improperly)
  • consumes a relatively large amount of electricity

2. There are these types of steam cleaners

There are several steam cleaning devices that you can use according to your purpose. Our Product Overview in the steam cleaner comparison 2018 shows you the different steam cleaner categories as well as their areas of application in the household.

steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

The steam broom is:

suitable for carpet and floor cleaning.

Floor Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

The floor steam cleaner is:

suitable for the larger household (house, terrace, car).

suitable for long steam use.

steam vacuum cleaner

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

The steam cleaner is:

a combination of steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner.

suitable for floor cleaning.

Hand steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: 2018

The hand steam cleaner ("Dampfente") is:

suitable for the smaller household.

suitable for short, spontaneous steam use.

is suitable (with extension tube and floor nozzle) for floor cleaning.

window cleaner

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

The window cleaner ("window vacuum") is:

suitable for glass window and mirror cleaning.

Conclusion: Which steam cleaner model you choose depends on the intended use. For large areas, such as. Bathroom floor, shower and bath, is the classic floor steam cleaner. The steam broom cleans carpets in addition to floors. The steam cleaner is best suited for parquet and laminate. Manageable surfaces Clean with the steam duck, windows and mirrors with the window cleaner.

3. What you should keep in mind: Purchase advice for steam cleaners

3.1. heating capacity and maximum vapor pressure

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Low consumption: One liter of water is usually sufficient to clean even large areas.

A steam cleaner with high heating power is ready for use quickly: often just a few minutes after start-up. The higher the maximum vapor pressure, the stronger the cleaning effect of the device.

For optimal cleaning results Stiftung Warentest has additional recommendations:

  • In the case of a longer brushing procedure, change the cleaning cloth over the steam nozzle several times to actually wipe off the dissolved dirt and not just distribute it on the cleaned surface.
  • In addition, it is recommended to regularly liberate the steam cleaner.

considerable: Did you know that one liter of water produces about 1,673 liters of water vapor? With this amount you can use the steam cleaner for about 20 minutes at a time.

3.2. Cleaning result: time and handling

Our steam cleaner comparison 2018 shows: The cleaning result is impressive. However, a cleaning success takes time. You will not be faster with cleaning with steam than with conventional cleaning. Persistent dirt must be irradiated with hot steam for a long time until it dissolves. Then wipe with a microfiber cloth. The logical rule of thumb applies: The longer you let the steam act on the polluted surface, the neater you clean it.

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

With the right accessories, a steam cleaner is a versatile helper in house cleaning.

In order to completely rid the surface of bacteria and germs, you must allow the steam to act on the surface for several minutes, because only at the nozzle itself are the steam temperatures so high that they kill them. It is worthwhile to use additionally usual cleaning techniques. A brush, which can be attached as a special attachment, mechanically supports the steam jet.

3.3. This steam cleaner accessory is available

For the steam cleaner isversatile range of accessories available. This makes the device versatile. Special attachments and nozzles provide more flexibility and precision (for example, niches are reached), a hopper and measuring cup simplify tank filling.

For some devices, accessories are already included with the package. So there are, for example:

  • Essays: for more flexibility (eg angle and extension attachment)
  • To brush: for additional mechanical cleaning (for example round brush)
  • jets: for a more precise steam jet (e.g.
  • Terrycloth or microfibre cloth: for additional wiping and wiping
  • Measuring cup: for dosing the amount of liquid
  • Trichter: for easier filling of the tank

Hot tip: Even with renovation and gardening the steam cleaner is helpful. If you want to re-wallpaper, simply dissolve the old wallpaper with steam. In the garden, the steam cleaner is used as a weed killer and pest controller. The heat-sensitive organisms have no chance against the heat of the steam.

4. Caution, scalding hazard! That says the Stiftung Warentest

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

When cleaning with steam, caution should always be exercised as there is a risk of scalding if handled incorrectly

In its test for steam cleaner 04/2007, the Stiftung Warentest has tested several steam cleaners; including eleven ground devices, three handsets and two sticks. Criteria for the assessment were the following categories:

  • Clean
  • handling
  • security
  • Environment and health
  • Drop test

The Kärcher SC 1402 (grade 2.9) scored best in the category of ground equipment. Also the grade 2.9 received the Steamtec 5IH of the mark Nilfisk Alto. In third place was the DR 88 of Fakir (grade 3.3). The handheld steam cleaners performed only moderately: the Royal M 340 (grade 3.0), the Severin DR 8201 (grade 3.8) and the Solac LV1450 (score 5.0). In the case of the stalk units, the Clean Maxx steam brush SV-518 had a front grade of 3.6.

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

The hot steam dissolves with long exposure even stubborn limescale.

Steam cleaning can be tricky. In fact, many of the models tested by Stiftung Warentest performed poorly in the categories "Handling" and "Safety". If you do not take care of refilling the kettle and changing the cleaning cloth, there is a risk of scalding.

Since the device is hot in both cases, it is recommended to wait a few minutes. Insofar as the appliance has cooled down, no heated water jet spouts out. Read the operating instructions of your steam cleaner carefully before use to prevent accidents with the overheated appliance.

Hot tip: If the steam cleaner is safe, it has seals such as the TÜV seal or the GS mark. When buying, pay attention to tested products and corresponding certificates.

5. The most important manufacturers and brands at a glance

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: cleaner

The company Dirt Devil produces not only vacuum cleaners but also steam cleaners.

Where can I buy the best steam cleaner? The largest selection can be found online (for example, at Amazon), in the electronics store or in the hardware store (for example, Obi).

If you want to buy the steam cleaner cheap, you can occasionally get a bargain at the discount store (for example, Aldi or Lidl). You can use the Lidl online shop for example. Buy steam cleaners from Bestron, Dirt Devil, Severin, Silvercrest and Vileda.

Surely you've heard of the Sichler Steam Cleaner or the Cleanmaxx Steam Cleaner. Other well-known manufacturers and brands are Philips and Tristar.

Kärcher also belongs to the well-known steam cleaner manufacturers. Kärcher steam cleaners, in particular, have made a name for themselves. Thus, the term "karcher" is colloquially used for "clean with steam".

6. Questions and answers about steam cleaners

6.1. Is it possible to kill mites on the mattress with the steam cleaner?

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: comparison

Theoretically, it is possible to clean your mattress with a steam cleaner, but it is not recommended, as the bedding must be allowed to dry for a long time.

Many manufacturers advertise that mites can be removed from the mattress with the steam cleaner. The hot steam jet, which after all destroys germs and bacteria, can actually make house mites harmless. However, for this to succeed, the jet of steam would have to be moved centimeter by centimeter on the affected mattress surface over a period of several minutes.

After this treatment, the mattress would be so wet that you first have to let it dry for a long time. For the dust mites remaining after cleaning, the moist, warm environment after steam treatment would be the ideal environment for reproducing (see Stiftung Warentest in their review 04/2007).

6.2. Which surfaces and objects can be cleaned with the steam cleaner?

The steam cleaner can be used to clean a wide variety of surfaces and objects:

Steam Cleaner Comparison 2018: steam

Almost all smooth surfaces can be easily cleaned with steam.
  • Car (headlights, windows, rims)
  • Bathroom: bath, floor and shower
  • Kitchen: fittings, floor and hotplate
  • window
  • Tiles and joints
  • Laminate and parquet
  • furniture surfaces
  • pad
  • mirror
  • carpeting

However, you have to pay more attention to some materials. From the steam cleaning of electrical appliances, you should look out in any case: Risk of short circuit!

6.3. Which materials should be used with care?

A steam cleaner test winner has safety precautions:
  • indicator light: indicates when the temperature is reached
  • childlock: prevents operation by children
  • safety valves: against overpressure
  • safety locks: against unwanted escape of steam
  • splash protection: against injuries
  • overheating protection: throttles too high temperatures

Whether fittings, floors, tiles, joints, glass, upholstery or carpets - in principle, a variety of surfaces suitable for steam cleaning.

For fabrics that are sensitive to moisture (such as blankets, upholstery, carpets) mold may form if they do not adequately vent after treatment. Parquet floor can swell when water droplets get into the cracks and do not dry, laminate as well.

Fabrics that are sensitive to temperatures (for example, glue on PVC floors) may come off.

Basically you should avoid the emergence of puddles, Always dry the cleaned surfaces with a microfibre cloth. Do you want to use the steam cleaner in the winter to work on glass windows or mirrored windows? Then you should warm them before cleaning so that the delicate discs do not jump or break.

Also do not clean any electronic devices with the steam cleaner: A short circuit can be (life-) dangerous.

Would you like to buy a steam cleaner? Then we advise you to treat yourself to a high quality model. A very cheap device may clean too wet or dripping and the resulting damage will cost you more than investing in a good device.

The following YouTube video demonstrates where and how to best use the steamer:

6.4. Should I borrow the steam cleaner?

Who is still undecided whether the purchase of a steam cleaner pays, this can first rent or borrow. Almost every hardware store gives steam cleaners a fee. So you can try the device before buying.

It is more convenient to buy the steam cleaner and thus always, even spontaneously, to have on hand. If you want to rent the steam cleaner, you have to expect time delays, for example, because all equipment is lent. You also have a limited amount of time to use the borrowed device. So cleaning can quickly become a rush.

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