Use steam cleaners for laminate floors - is that possible?

Steam cleaners and steam brooms offer just a few advantages in terms of floor cleaning and are a real relief. Whether you can use steam cleaners on laminate floors, what risks there are and how to properly clean laminate with steam, read this article.

Suitability for the steam cleaner

Due to its structure, laminate is a rather moisture-sensitive floor. Even when cleaning by hand, only wet wiping is recommended.

This makes laminate at first glance rather unsuitable for cleaning with the steam cleaner. Under certain conditions, you can also clean laminate floors with the steam cleaner.

Suitable floors

If you work very carefully, you can undamaged laminate floors thoroughly clean with the steam cleaner. But it is important that there is no damage:

  • scratch
  • worn corners
  • damaged coating spots

Even a few places with damage will cause the laminate never clean with the steam cleaner, In this case, there is a risk of moisture penetrating under the laminate floor and soaking the floor. It can then buckle and swell and the trapped moisture below the soil can also lead to mold growth.

Laminate is also sensitive to heat to some extent. Also for this reason you have to be extremely careful when cleaning with the steam cleaner.


For some years, there are laminates that are also suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, such floors are not automatically suitable for cleaning with the steam cleaner. They must be perfectly laid, with no cracks, and also free of damage (already damaged damp-proof laminates take even more damage than ordinary laminate).

underfloor heating

Laminates laid on underfloor heating can be cleaned a little better with the steam cleaner. Here, the risk is not so great that moisture causes the soil to swell. A license for careless cleaning at the highest level is of course not.

Clean the laminate floor properly with steam

The instruction to wipe wet at the most, which applies to manual cleaning, can be applied analogously to the steam cleaner. Since a steam cleaner, however, can not work "damp", you have to manage differently here.

At least three-ply floor towels or thick terry towels must be placed between the steam cleaner and the delicate laminate floor. When the steam cleaner is now set to the lowest level, the bottom of the wipes creates a slight mist moisture that can be used for wiping.

Under certain circumstances, it must be cleaned a little more intensively than with other floors, or cleaned several times, since the low leakage of moisture and the lack of cleaning agents, the dirt is not adequately solved.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the many possible risks you should rather refrain from cleaning the laminate with the steam cleaner and resort to conventional cleaning methods for the laminate floor.

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