Steam cleaner against mites

Steam cleaners are real all-rounders. This goes so far that some manufacturers of steam cleaners even advertise that their devices could also be used against mites. Whether you can actually use a steam cleaner against mites and other interesting information can be found in this guide.

Various steam cleaner products

Steam cleaners are becoming more and more common in households. The popularity of the devices has increased enormously in recent years. Above all, the following devices are known:

  • Steam cleaner regulated and not regulated
  • steam cleaner

Versatile use

Under certain conditions, it is even possible to clean a wooden floor with the steam cleaner. However, there are also limitations, such as the steam cleaner and car seats.

Working principle of a steam cleaner

However, before using a steam cleaner, you should know the operating principle and basic characteristics of the equipment. Depending on the device, the steam is ejected from the nozzles at speeds of up to 180 km / h. The mostly around 140 degrees Celsius hot steam and the speed of impact solve dirt particles very well. The subsequent condensation dissolves even stubborn particles.

Proper preparation of the steam cleaner

Proper use of the steam cleaner is also important. This includes, among other things, that you fill the steam cleaner only with distilled water. Now you know the most important things about steam cleaners. Now we come to the question of whether you can actually kill mites.

Steam jet against mites - yes or no?

The answer is ambiguous if a distinction is made between full-area and one-off treatment. The mentioned properties of the steam cleaner are quite sufficient to kill the mites. Now, however, come the restrictions. To really tackle all mites, such as a mattress, you need to treat all areas extremely intensely with the steam cleaner.

This results in another problem: You would have to use so much water vapor that the mattress would be dripping wet. It is also questionable that the mattress is really freed from mites down to the very depths. But with the added moisture, which will stay in the mattress for a long time as moisture, you will have created an almost perfect habitat for the reproduction of the remaining mites. The problem with mites is just that multiply massively. Efficient action against all mites is therefore almost impossible with a mattress. Mostly it is about the use of mattresses.

Conditionally possible steam cleaner use

The situation is different when used on the dog or cat carpet or blanket. But only if the material is rather thin and not too large. Otherwise, you will quickly reach the limits of a steam cleaner. It does not matter if you have chosen a cheap device or a well-known branded product.

Tips & Tricks

To refute even more myths of the advertising industry to steam cleaners: often advertised with the enormous water savings. Actually, there are these. From one liter of water you get up to 150 liters of steam and more. That's enough for an area of ​​60 to 80 square meters. Applied to the conventional cleaning with water, this means a saving of 80 percent water.

However, this saving is offset by the high power consumption for generating steam again. The steam cleaner offers quite a number of benefits, however, that other techniques and devices can not match.

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