Steam cleaner for parquet - is that possible?

Steam cleaners make floor cleaning a bit more comfortable - but they are not suitable for every floor. Whether you can use steam cleaners on parquet, what problems there are, and what you should pay attention to when using, you will learn in this post.

Parquet floor suitable for steam cleaners

First of all, you have to distinguish between different types of parquet:

  • Solid wood parquet
  • Engineered flooring
  • sealed parquet
  • oiled parquet

Prefabricated parquet consists of a carrier layer of compressed wood and above only a thin wear layer of wood. Solid wood parquets can be either waxed or oiled or hard-sealed.

Depending on the type of parquet, the suitability for the steam cleaner is different. Wood does not react very well to massive moisture and even less to heat (hot steam is usually used to bend wood, such as barrel production).

Hard-sealed floors, where the parquet is firmly glued, are a little more tolerant to moisture and can be wiped wet or cleaned with the steam cleaner. For all other types of parquet, the steam cleaner is not suitable! The soil is destroyed by it!

Undamaged parquet

However, hard-sealed parquet must also be laid properly and must not have any cracks or gaps. Otherwise moisture could penetrate below the floor and moisten the wood from below. This can cause the wooden floor to swell and damage.

Before using the steam cleaner, always make sure that there are no gaps in the parquet floor and that the sealant is not damaged anywhere (this is usually the case with quirks and dents in the parquet, for example).

Proper cleaning of the parquet floor

If your parquet allows cleaning with the steam cleaner, you should still proceed with caution.

Turn your steam cleaner to the lowest setting and use a thick terry towel or multi-layer floor cloths to wipe. Do not steam directly or rub brushes in a single spot. Work as quickly as possible and immediately remove any buildup of water to avoid water stains.

If you notice streaks and streaks, gently clean the parquet several times at this point with a cloth on the steam cleaner. These are usually residues of cleaning agents that were still present on the parquet. By repeated cleaning, they are loosened and absorbed in the cloth and the floor shines again streak-free.

Tips & Tricks

Unregulated steam cleaners, where you can not adjust the amount of steam, should not be used for problematic soil. They are more suitable for tiles and other unproblematic materials.

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