Steam cleaner for upholstery - is that possible?

Again and again, the question arises, if you can use a steam cleaner not also for cleaning upholstery and pillows. Whenever possible, what types of steam cleaners are suitable, and what you must be aware of when cleaning, read here.

Type of cover fabrics

Which upholstery fabrics (or coverings for indoor cushions) are suitable, can not say flat rate. It depends especially on the heat resistance of the material.

Steam cleaners not only generate a lot of moisture but also high temperatures. Some substances are sensitive to higher temperatures. You can damage the fibers or discolour them when cleaning.

The same applies to upholstered furniture. The cover fabrics can also be laminated with other fabrics, among other things. This leads to the problem that, although the fabric tolerates the heat, the Kaschierstsoff not. Also in this case, it can lead to a serious and irreparable damage to the surface.

Information about the substance properties

Knowing or finding the upholstery manufacturer is the safest way to ask. Manufacturers know the properties of their fabrics precisely and can provide sound information here.

Another possibility is to pay attention to any existing care instructions for the cover fabric. Temperature sensitivity or other limitations are usually given here.

Suitable design for steam cleaner

You should definitely use steam cleaners with the following properties if you want to clean upholstery, upholstered furniture or carpets:

  • Steam cleaner with adjustable temperature and steam quantity (both should be set as low as possible)
  • Nozzles with fabric cover and without sharp edges
  • Small diameter nozzles (for spot stain removal)

Also make sure that the steam cleaner is also explicitly identified as suitable for cleaning upholstery. Not all manufacturers include this as a field of application. Steam cleaners that are not rated as suitable should not be used to clean upholstery and upholstered furniture.

Mite control with the steam cleaner

In order to actually effectively kill mites, every square centimeter of the material surface would have to be steamed for several minutes. Since this is not feasible in practice, because otherwise the pad would be soaked too much, the mite removal using the steam cleaner remains little effective. This applies all the more where you also have to reduce temperature and steam.

Even investigations, which Stiftung Warentest has carried out, showed that. After all, with proper cleaning but many of the mites are killed, so that at least results in a small benefit.

Proper use of steam cleaning

First, reduce the temperature and the amount of steam significantly. Move the fabric coated nozzle as quickly as possible and without pressure over the fabric surface.

For stains, insert a very small diameter nozzle and treat the stain directly. Then pick up the loosened stain dirt with the fabric-covered nozzle. Always make sure that you do not overwet the fabric too much.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases it is easier to clean cushions by other means (such as with padding foam). As far as possible you should also avoid washing detergents because of the large quantities of water. A flat treatment of mattresses with the steam cleaner is usually not a particularly good idea and also helps little against mite infestation.

Video Board: Upholstery Steam Cleaning