Steam cleaner for what?

According to the advertisement, the steam cleaner is a wonderful all-rounder. In fact, the steam cleaner is indeed very efficient, but is still far behind these promises. In order to use the device properly and not be annoyed, it is good to know what the steam cleaner is suitable or not suitable for.

What the steam cleaner is unsuitable for

How exaggerated it is for the advertising industry, for which the steam cleaner is suitable or not suitable, the following examples:

  • for use against mites
  • for general use for mattresses
  • the steam cleaner for disinfecting
  • the steam cleaner in allergic households

Clean mattress and mites

In particular, the use of the steam cleaner against mites and concomitantly also for mattresses shows clearly that it is not particularly customer-friendly advertising. After all, even large test institutions have dared to come to a sobering conclusion: a steam cleaner is not suitable for this.

Although mites can be killed by the hot water vapor. But in order to be completely eliminated in a mattress, you need to treat the whole mattress for a few minutes. This would take you several hours of work, the mattress would be completely soaked, but knowing that all the mites are gone, you still would not have.

Disinfect with the steam cleaner

The situation is similar with the general cleaning of the mattress. Here would also ask the question "steam cleaner or steam cleaner?", Because with a steam cleaner is wiped. But a mattress can be wiped bad. Similar to the mites, it is similar to disinfecting with the steam cleaner.

The work assignment is not in a meaningful relation to the challenge. Conventional cleaning agents for disinfecting are not only more efficient, but also cheaper. You will receive about 160 liters of steam from one liter of water. But the electricity costs quickly equalize this advantage. Especially if it's a very time-consuming job.

For the steam cleaner is very well suited

However, there are certainly jobs where cleaning with the steam cleaner is much easier and more efficient than with traditional plaster work. Follow our link and learn how to combine a steam cleaner with classic cleaning techniques and where the benefits are. For example, corners and edges can be cleaned better and faster.

Tips & Tricks

But there are other fields of application. For example, the steam cleaner is worthwhile for many textiles. Although not for cleaning, but for various other requirements. Always important: use the device properly and only use distilled water for the steam cleaner.

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