Steam cleaner in the shower

Steam cleaners are exceptionally versatile. Therefore, the question quickly arises as to whether the cleaner would also be suitable for the individually intended task. One such case is cleaning the shower with the steam cleaner.

Types of steam cleaners

Steam cleaners can be used for a wide variety of cleaning jobs. Even for a wooden floor, the steam cleaner can be used conditionally. Of course, you can also use such a device for the shower. The most common differences are the following cleaners:

  • steam cleaners
  • steam cleaner

Steam brooms are usually a little weaker in their effect.

Preparation of the steam cleaner

However, before you begin to clean the shower with the steam cleaner, you should still consider the proper use. The correct use of the steam cleaner requires, among other things, the right water.

Use the correct water

The mentioned steam cleaners have their own water tank, which you must fill before use. Again and again it is to be read that actually also tap water is recommended. However, this is urgently advised. Instead, you should only fill your steam cleaner with distilled water.

You can do this in the shower with the steam cleaner

In the shower or in the bathroom you can work on different areas with the steam cleaner. These include shower walls made of glass or plastic, conventional tiles and numerous natural stone slabs. For marble, the use is limited, but marble is also generally less suitable for a bath.

Use of the steam cleaner in the shower from medium soiling

In addition, you can also clean mirror surfaces and sanitary ceramics such as the shower tray with the steam cleaner. The normal cleaning of the shower should be carried out with ordinary cleaning and cleaning agents. The use of the steam cleaner is only recommended if the dirt is medium to strong.

Damage to joints

In the case of tiled surfaces with broken-out or missing grout, the use must be reconsidered, at least in the joint areas. The steam also gets under the tiles and can settle here as moisture. Otherwise you only have to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the steam cleaner when using the shower.

Tips & Tricks

With the steam cleaner, you can also get into corners, among other things, the shower tray and the tile surfaces. Here, soiling such as soap scraps, lime and sometimes algae are often very firm. Of course you can clean these areas with the steam cleaner. However, adjust the intensity by adjusting the device. Especially in the area of ​​silicone or acrylic joints and of course on all conventional joints (as already mentioned).

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