Steam cleaners - the prices

Steam cleaners enjoy a steadily growing popularity. Accordingly, the offer is confusing. The prices for steam cleaners can therefore also not be called blanket. How much a steam cleaner costs depends on numerous factors.

Versions of steam cleaners

The term "steam cleaner" is not limited to the typical devices that resemble a vacuum cleaner. In principle, at least three different device types can be distinguished:

  • the classic steam cleaner (with the look of a vacuum cleaner)
  • the steam cleaner
  • the steam broom

So you have to make your first distinctions here.

Prices are mainly defined by functional comfort

A closer look at the wide range of steam cleaners shows above all that the prices depend on functional comfort. Because the features themselves are the same for many steam cleaners. These include the following functions:

  • Pressure that can be built up by the steam
  • warm-up time
  • Duration of use or size of the water reservoir
  • No-name product or brand steam cleaner

The vapor pressure as a purchase decision criterion

The vapor pressure should be at least 2 bar. Most steam cleaners start anyway with a pressure around the 3 bar. From here it goes in small steps up to a maximum of 4.2 to 4.5 bar vapor pressure. As the vapor pressure increases, so does the price, which is understandable. Because these higher pressures demand more from the material.

Big differences in the warm-up time

The warm-up time of the water until it evaporates is also an important criterion. Cheap devices can quite generously come to over a minute here. High quality steam cleaners need between 20 and 30 seconds. An exception are steam brooms, as they work in principle like a water heater. These come down to shorter waiting times, but also significantly lower pressures.

The possible duration of use of the steam cleaner

The duration of use depends on the size of the water tank. This makes it much lower with most steam brooms than with ordinary steam cleaners.

No-name device versus brand cleaner

The discussion on this topic, whether the branded device is actually the better purchase, there is, since appropriate offers are available. Our experience is always the same. It is also an old artisan wisdom: who buys cheap, buys twice and thus significantly more expensive than if a high-quality branded device is purchased immediately.

In the long term always the better choice of brand steam cleaners

Not only that it comes much faster to functional restrictions, usually the necessary spare parts at the unknown manufacturer are not to order. Steam cleaners have quite typical damage. The classic is the steam cleaner, which no longer steams.

Tips & Tricks

The prices for steam cleaners start in the middle double-digit euro area and can reach with real professional equipment quite to the 1.000-euro-Grenze. Which device it should ultimately be depends certainly on the application requirements for you.

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