Use the steam cleaner properly

The application of a steam cleaner does not seem to be difficult. But there are actually some points to consider. How to use a steam cleaner correctly can be read below.

The steam cleaner requires basic knowledge before use

Fill with water, switch on and wipe. The operation of a steam cleaner at first glance seems so easy. But the cleaning device needs much more attention. Often there are errors in the operation leading to various damage, for example, when the steam cleaner is no longer steaming.

Pay attention to all points in order to use the cleaner optimally

But even the cleaning itself is not very efficient because the dirt is only redistributed. Sticky floors after steam cleaning or massive streaks on glass are the result. Therefore, the proper application of the steam cleaner needs to be divided into three parts:

  • Preparation of the steam cleaner
  • Type of substrate to be cleaned
  • Working with the steam cleaner
  • Post-treatment or post-processing after cleaning or dissolving dirt with steam

The preparation of the steam cleaner

Already when preparing the steam cleaner, it can lead to serious errors. In particular, in the instructions for using cheap products is often read that you can fill the water reservoir with tap water.

You should only use distilled water for your steam cleaner. Lime and other particles from the tap water can settle and clog the steam nozzles. This is the main cause if the device no longer steams, as already mentioned.

The warm-up time of the steam cleaner must also be observed. Here are the differences in the purchase, especially in the prices for the steam cleaner. High-quality appliances heat up faster.

The surface to be cleaned

It is repeatedly explained by the advertising industry, which extraordinary tasks a steam cleaner could fulfill. Even the use of the steam cleaner against mites is possible. However, you have to keep in mind that the steam cleaner is not the optimal cleaner for all these challenges.

You must select the surfaces to clean according to the criteria of how a steam cleaner works. After application on unsuitable surfaces, it is then said that the device is not good. The steam cleaner is not suitable for every area.

Working with the steam cleaner

Just swipe across the surface quickly - that's how most users go through it. But the steam takes time "to work". First, the steam is evaporated with pressure on the pressure particles. Then the heat of the steam dissolves further dirt. By condensing and cooling even stubborn dirt is released.

Now, the dissolved dirt with the mop cover must still be well received. Mostly it is exactly what does not work so well. The result is either a sticky ground or visible streaks. It also shows very quickly how useful a steam cleaner is at all. Maybe instead of the steam cleaner a steam cleaner would be the better choice.


This brings us to the postprocessing. Wiping only with the mop cover is possibly nothing sufficient. Maybe the subsequent use of an extraction cleaner makes sense. But one major problem is that the advertising industry makes promises to steam cleaners who can not keep them.

Tips & Tricks

These are exactly the reasons why many households today have a steam cleaner and their owners are disappointed with the product. Blame is not the device, but the suggestion that the steam cleaner is an all-rounder. If you use the steam cleaner on surfaces for which it is optimally suited, the device works very efficiently.

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