Steam cleaner - what can be cleaned?

The steam cleaner is a good example that information on the internet is not always good. Especially here, the steam cleaner mutates into a true all-rounder. The steam cleaner - what you can actually clean everything or even can not clean, you can read in this guide.

The internet often contains inadequate or incorrect information...

The steam cleaner itself has come up in the 1980s. However, it is only in recent years that it has been a resounding success. Many people inform themselves on the internet and are thrilled. In various forums you can also read about how violently disappointed many buyers of a steam cleaner are. The steam cleaner is certainly a useful tool for cleaning and cleaning.

... what you can clean with the steam cleaner

The problem is often supposed test pages and product descriptions, which have the character of a sustainable evaluation. Often, however, it is only the marketing idea behind it. Perhaps it can only be explained that especially in the network numerous supposed product reviews highlight the steam cleaner as a real all-rounder. Accordingly, he is suitable for the following work:

  • against mites
  • for mattresses in general
  • for car seats
  • for disinfecting

Steam cleaner against mites does not work that way

The use of the steam cleaner against mites is as often described, not possible. Although mites are killed by the hot steam. In order to clean a mattress with it - and in the mattress mites can be found most often - it would have to be cleaned at certain points for several minutes.

This amounts to several hours. The mattress is then completely soaked that all mites are gone, is still not safe. Not to neglect the high expenditure of time and thus the significant electricity costs. A renowned institute for the testing of products has come to clear results.

Mattresses and car seats

The situation is similar with other applications such as the steam cleaner for car seats (velours). Even with the "classic" surfaces, which can be cleaned with the steam cleaner, something must be restricted. The dirt is released thermally and mechanically.

The special thing when loosening dirt with the steam cleaner: the dirt is not only solved superficially. After that, it still has to be wiped off. That's why it does not work for mattresses or car seats. But even on the ground or on glass that is problematic. The floor can stick after cleaning, streaks appear on glass.

Combined with other cleaning techniques you can clean a lot

For example, fat is liquefied but not dissolved without chemical additives. Therefore, it makes sense to wipe behind the steam cleaner with conventional cleaner. This still saves a lot of time because the basic solution of the dirt works better.

In addition, hard to reach areas such as corners are cleaned quickly. So what you can cleanse everything also depends on how the pre-dissolved dirt can be permanently removed. For floors, glass and similar surfaces, the steam cleaner has clear advantages.

Tips & Tricks

You can also use a steam cleaner for textiles, but not for cleaning, but for refreshing and ironing.

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