Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam

Steam cleaner in practice

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: cleaning

Steam cleaners are from the Advertising like presented as a hygienic all-rounder, They are not proven to be. Still, you can join in Steam gently and quickly clean many materials which you would not really associate with a steam cleaner.

In our article we show possibilities and limits of gentle and chemical-free cleaning with steam and give practical tips for hygienic and fast cleaning results.

Let's face it, what is steam?

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: clean

Scheme for the function of steam cleaning

In the sense of the film classic "Feuerzangenbowle" we want the Steam thing thoroughly thoroughly go.

That steam has power has been known since the invention of the steam engine in huge machines like locomotives or steamboats can move hundreds of tons.

Steam is the third state of aggregation of an element. After solid, water at 0° C, comes from 0 to 100° C liquid, then evaporates the element.

Will the from 100° C resulting steam additionally pressurizedas in the steam cleaner, it becomes much hotter.

In the steam cleaner up to 150° C are possible - without additives, only with pressure and heat.

Technically one speaks of so-called "hot steam". This vreleases the outlet nozzle hissing and at high speed the steam cleaner.

The individual steam molecules are with high speed shot in a hot stream, If these fast molecules penetrate into the pores of a material, they will tear out the dirt.

Because the Steam molecules condense again on the cool ground, liquid water forms againwhich carries away the dirt (see picture). In this way, the steam cleaning comes without chemical additives - but not without a certain mechanical friction effect.

Textile cleaning with steam cleaners: Not always successful

Textile cleaning with steam cleaners is not always successful. Sometimes it is even harmful to the textiles. Our Test object is a by weather conditions, city air and algae deposits dirty, formerly bright parasol.

Already at the examination of the material we are concerned: The Umbrella is made of a synthetic fiber - whether it can withstand over 100° C hot steam from the nozzle harmless?

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: cleaning

Dry cleaning. Here is a parasol made of synthetic fibers

We use the Kärcher SC 3000 again, first with the hand nozzle without additional attachments. Save steam and one Piecewise moisture penetration of the tissue, no progress can be seen, but the material deforms. Possible, permanent dents in the material could be the result - we break off this steam cleaning.

As a result of possible deformation of the material comes the hot, concentrated jet of the intensive jet not in question. We therefore opt for the small spot jet brush.

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: clean

Very dirty sunshade made of synthetic textile

This attempt is already more successful: The Fabric is cleaned noticeably for the first time, but there are also fast deformations here determine. In addition, the work is very, very laborious.

The screen is large, the pollution strong - the nozzle in the size of a 1-euro coin would have to scrub for a long time. Also the Fear of unsightly wrinkles makes us stop the experiment.

Conclusion: Rather not suitable for synthetic fiber textiles

Glass cleaning with steam

Glass cleaning with steam is actually that classic field of application for steam cleaners, The surface is smooth, the steam can work optimally.

Our test glass surface is a glass table soiled by environmental influences and careless care. Its easy greasy surface we want with the steam cleaner and a special essay edit.

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: cleaners

Cleaning a glass table

The attachment is quickly mounted, it is the already known from the soil cleaning test, medium-sized hand brush. This will be with the Bayonet simply put on the handset and engaged.

The Clou for the surface cleaning is now the "terry cover" He clings tightly to the nozzle with an elastic band.

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: steam

Covered in fabric

Of course, the coating is vapor permeable: the Fine, hot steam penetrates through the fibers of the material, thus cleaning the glass surface of particles, streaks, soot and biological deposits in the form of algae or animal excretions.

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: clean

Without problems, the glass table is cleaned

We come quickly to a result: The coating is heavily polluted, an impressive example of the cleaning effect. The table, however, is radiantly clean and streak free. Here it works Steam cleaning, as well as on exterior and interior windows, so excellent.

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: cleaning

Result of cleaning with steam

Conclusion: absolutely recommendable for gentle glass cleaning!

Steam cleaner for laminate?

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: steam

Laminate floor: construction and damage | Click to enlarge

Laminate is a delicate thing, especially for lower quality grades. Technically, it is a Composite material that is compressed from different materials becomes.

The top layer, the visible wood decor, is from a more or less protective layer of plastic covered.

Depending on the quality and manufacturer of the laminate, this Kplastic layer either very stable and durable or very thin and filigree his. However, all laminates have one thing in common: they do not tolerate water, especially not in the joints and in the carrier material.

Heat is also toxic to laminate: the lamination process takes place under high pressure with high temperatures. Thecomposites used are thus heat-soluble and can also be separated again by heat become - a dissolving cover layer is the result.

Since steam cleaners work with hot, damp steam, the problem is obvious: who with full steam Steam performance, its laminate scrubs and moisturizes, does not have to wonder about brittle, dissolved joint edges.

Therefore, should with extreme caution on laminate floors become. Rule of thumb: As little steam and moisture as possible.

As an alternative, it is still best to use only a slightly damp wipe. "Moisture damp" applied does not penetrate the liquid in the joints and can evaporate without damage.

Conclusion: Steam cleaner better not use for laminate. In case of doubt, contact the laminate manufacturer.

Steam cleaning of plants

Steam cleaning: Clean properly with steam: steam

Cleaning plants

Green plants in residential and office buildings tend to dust over time. The Graying leaves release dust particles with every touch and you can too no longer breathe freely through the stomata.

The additional oxygen supply by the Greening of the rooms is largely absent the plant suffers.

Can remedy a careful dedusting of the plants, but how? With a Rag cleaning every single sheet is very tediousA vacuum cleaner does little good, but more damage.

Steam cleaning can be the solution here. On Carefully guided steam from the steam cleaner, however, ensures hygienic and dust-free cleanliness the plant.

First, the plant is carried outdoors, then with short bursts of steam from at least 30 cm away freed from its dust layer. The steam nozzle must never come too close to the leaves, otherwise the sensitive green will be "steam-cooked".

Conclusion: For green plants, there is hardly a gentler method of dedusting with careful application!

Cleaning with steam: Overall conclusion

Not everything can only be cleaned with steam, not every material is hot steam the gentlest cleaning method. Nevertheless, one is Steam cleaners absolutely as a useful addition to the household inventory to watch.

The skills in cleaning windows are very good, the cleaning of potted plants, tiles and green plants is also satisfactory, Care should be taken when cleaning heat- and moisture-sensitive materials such as laminate or textiles, but good results can still be achieved here.

The famous "Egg legend Wollmilchsau" of house cleaning is certainly not a steam cleaner, but one good and environmentally friendly helper for certain conditions always!

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