Descale steam iron - this is the easiest way

If you have problems with hard water, you will always notice it on your iron. A regular descaling is then inevitable. How best to do this, and how to do it the easiest, read our article.

Descaling of iron

Since water is also heated in the iron, lime can settle here very quickly. The higher the water temperature, the more lime is separated from the water.

The deposits can not only pollute the iron at the sole where it burns, but also render it inoperative in the long run and even destroy it. Regular descaling helps to significantly extend the life of the iron.

Descale step by step

  • Iron
  • Descaler (vinegar essence, citric acid, descaling agent from the drugstore)

1. Empty the tank of the iron

Empty the tank of the iron completely until there is no more water in it.

2. Insert descaling agent

Always dilute vinegar essence and citric acid slightly, descaling agent as specified by the manufacturer. Fill in the tank and let the iron heat up.

3. Cleaning

Press the steam function several times. With heavily calcified irons, the amount of steam will increase significantly after a while. Also operate the spray function several times.

4. Cool down

Allow the iron to cool until the temperature is very low.

5. Repeat cleaning

Repeat the cleaning procedure described in step 3 until the water tank is completely empty. This can take some time, especially with large tank volumes, until the tank is empty. Nevertheless, always carry out the cleaning completely.

6. Rinse

At the end of the cleaning, rinse the iron thoroughly with fresh water again. This will also remove the remainder of the decalcifying agent from the iron and tank. This step should not be skipped if possible.

Iron with Autoclean function

Some irons have a built-in autoclean feature. This function is intended to effectively prevent the calcification of the iron. This works for some manufacturers, but for others it works less well. Pay close attention to the advice of other customers, if you want to buy such a device.

Tips & Tricks

Be careful not to use or allow distilled water in all irons. Basically, by using distilled water, you can effectively prevent calcification from the outset.

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