Wall steel beams - what do you have to pay attention to?

When a load-bearing wall is completely or partially removed, the ceiling must be supported from below. You can also use steel beams for this. What you have to pay attention to, and what you can still use instead of steel beams, read in this post.

Calculate steel beams

Which loads have to be removed from the ceiling can not be seen with the naked eye. For the execution of such a project, therefore, a prior assessment by a structural engineer (structural engineer) is required in each case beforehand.

The structural engineer calculates the resulting loads and then prescribes everything important:

  • the type of carrier
  • the material of the carrier
  • the positioning of the carrier

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The position and exact design of the supports, ie those points where the steel girder rests, are also exactly specified by the structural engineer. It is imperative that these rules be followed, otherwise the loads may not be removed correctly or at the right points and massive damage may occur.

Close the steel girder at the top

If, on uneven floors, the steel girder does not lie flat against the ceiling, the resulting gap must be filled. Again, a suitable method must be specified by the structural engineer. In simple cases, the lining of the carrier with stuffing concrete is done, is possibly also a lifting of the carrier from the supports ago (with completely flat ceiling). Until the stuffing concrete hardens, the blanket must remain supported by sprouting.

Alternative for lintel

If only a door lintel is to be built into a masonry wall, it is often easy to wall a finished lintel. Such prefabricated lintels are usually made of all brick materials (brick, limestone, etc.)

The use of such prefabricated lintels can often be simpler than installing a steel beam, which then then also has to be clad or at least plastered. In this case, too, the structural engineer is absolutely necessary for on-site assessment and calculation.

Tips & Tricks

Not all load-bearing walls can be easily removed. In some cases, individual bearing walls also serve in addition to the stiffening of exterior walls. In this case, removal can be very problematic. Assessment by the structural engineer therefore always in front Start of any work!

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