Insert steel girder in case of wall breakthrough

If walls are removed or doors are retrofitted, the wall must be supported. You can use steel beams well. However, what you have to pay attention to during planning and installation, and why calculations are important, read here.

Load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls

If a load-bearing wall is removed, the ceiling load must be intercepted and properly removed by a suitable support. Otherwise, the stability of the entire building is in danger.

On non-supporting walls (partitions), however, the removal is usually easy, and also the installation of doors usually makes no difficulties.

Static inspection with load-bearing walls

If breakthroughs are planned on load-bearing walls, an assessment and calculation of the loads by a structural engineer is mandatory. It is particularly problematic when a load-bearing wall additionally serves to stiffen an outer wall. In this case, a breakthrough or removal is often not even possible.

Static specifications

The structural engineer makes exact specifications according to his calculations:

  • Dimensions and quality of the steel beam
  • exact positioning of the steel girder
  • Design, dimensions and quality of the supports
  • any necessary reinforcements in the masonry below the supports
  • possibly further reinforcements elsewhere in the building to sufficiently remove existing loads
  • Execution of any necessary relining of the support for uneven or partially hollow ceiling constructions

All these specifications must be implemented very accurately and technically correct (execution according to all applicable technical rules and standards). In most cases, this will only be possible if you commission a specialist company (liability!).

Covering a carrier

For reasons of fire protection, indoors bearers, which fulfill a supporting function, must be clad in a fireproof manner. There are also a number of regulations that must be respected. Plastering the support alone is not sufficient in all cases. These rules must also be met very accurately and technically correct. By the use of prefabricated elements, the changing of the wearer but also quite good self-accomplished.

Tips & Tricks

If you make the breakthrough yourself, you should definitely make sure that you do the work in the right order.

Video Board: How To Remove internal load bearing wall with picture frame steel beam installation