Steel girder for the balcony

Especially if you want to attach a balcony later, you have several options to obstruct the steel beams. What you have to pay attention to, and which option is often easier for balcony construction, you can find out in detail in this post.

Detached balcony systems

A balcony does not necessarily have to be anchored in the outer wall. In recent years, freestanding balcony systems on steel girder constructions are becoming increasingly popular, especially when retrofitting a balcony.

Such balconies stand on self-supporting steel scaffolding outside the building and thus represent a separate component. The steel girders support the balcony from below.

Advantages of a freestanding construction

  • no extension of the floor slab to the outside necessary (simplified construction)
  • complete thermal separation (cooling rib effect is avoided) because own component
  • simplified and thus cost-effective design

Of particular importance is the avoidance of the so-called cooling rib effect on balconies. Through an extended floor ceiling, as in the classic balcony, constantly heat losses of the building heat on the support caused by the steel beams. Since the carriers are still arranged parallel to each other, the heat losses are amplified, as with cooling fins.

Thermal separation by insulating elements

A way out here offers only a thermal decoupling of the inner and outer part of the carrier by special elements, so-called "Isokörbe". However, this is not easily possible in all cases, even if it is considered today as a standard method and thermal separation is also considered to be indispensable by cantilevered beams. A subsequent installation of such insulating is also often difficult, and the "thermal decoupling" is never one hundred percent (for technical reasons, this is not achievable).

Two factors are decisive for the planning of such solutions: On the one hand, the so-called "hygienic heat protection" according to DIN 4108-2, on the other hand, the energy-saving thermal protection according to DIN 4108 and of course also according to the EnEV.

Under hygienic heat protection is understood to mean the maintenance of a sufficiently high internal temperature of the outer wall despite the existing carriers, so that mold growth is avoided. Energy-saving thermal insulation, on the other hand, is all about limiting heat losses in general.

Finished systems wood-steel

For freestanding balconies, there are also prefabricated elements in a combination of wood and steel. Here, a complete, freestanding balcony made of composite individual elements is realized, wherein the tread represents a combination of wood and steel. One supplier of such a complete system is, for example, the company Alpha-Wing, another is about vanBerghen GmbH.

Tips & Tricks

A special challenge for the insulation is also, if you want to install a conservatory under the freestanding balcony. Here, careful planning for the insulation in the area of ​​conservatory ceiling - balcony structure must be done, even the sealing wall edges can be complicated to accomplish in some cases. In addition, vibrations of the balcony must be planned with. The simplest solution is technical, however, if the attached conservatory has no contact with the balcony above.

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