Install steel girder - procedure and costs

Small, narrow spaces are not necessarily for everyone. Bright and wide rooms provide significantly more living comfort. For this reason, in individual buildings, individual load-bearing walls are often removed, and a steel girder is installed as a support. What to look for, how it's done, and what costs you can expect, read here.

Static appraisal

The first step before such a project is definitely a static assessment. It is not always easy to remove a load-bearing wall and replace it with a built-in steel girder.

In addition, the structural engineer must determine the necessary load-bearing capacity of the steel girder and specify the specifications for professional installation. As a rule, additionally concreted supports are required in front of the knee block in order to absorb any possible shearing forces.

Time required for the installation of a steel girder

If you have the work done by a specialist company (statically relevant components should not be installed as a layman!), Of course, the time involved plays a role. In general, you have to expect at least 3 - 5 days for the duration of the work, if everything runs smoothly.

Cost factors for the work

The cost of such work is always measured at the necessary, indivduellen effort. That depends on both the type (and number) of carriers needed and the loads to be collected from the ceiling. Depending on which additional work is required by the structural engineer, the effort can be very different, often additional work must be carried out, which you initially do not even think.

Important for the cost estimate by a specialist are in any case:

  • the result of the static assessment and the specifications required by the structural engineer
  • the extent of the work to be carried out (wall the beams, cover them, plaster them)
  • with / without debris disposal (do not underestimate costs!)
  • possibly further removal of the loads (downwards)

In most cases you will have to pay several thousand euros for the work, unless there are statically very favorable conditions. Even the costs for a static assessment can - depending on the necessary effort - be between around 300 and 2,500 EUR.

With concrete walls one can expect for the Durchsägen with a very simple wall breakthrough between approximately 80 EUR per m² and 300 EUR per m², which concerns however only the breakthrough alone, without Nebenarbeiten.

Procedure in principle (instructions for simple breakthroughs and retraction of a steel girder)

  • Prepare masonry (wallpaper, remove plaster, etc.)
  • The ceiling is first intercepted with planks and steel spikes (sprouting the ceiling)
  • Installation of square timbers for load distribution, balancing the steel sprouts
  • Breaking the wall
  • Concreting the supports
  • Construction of a scaffold, hoisting the steel girder on the supports
  • Mortar joint above the steel girder
  • after hardening of the mortar (several days) the steel sprouts can be removed
  • Plastering of soffit and wall, wall or wall steel beams, completion of the wall

Tips & Tricks

If you know the extent of the necessary work from the structural engineer after the assessment, it is always worthwhile to compare the prices. The price differences between individual companies can be very different from case to case.

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