Paint steel door - that's the way it works best

Painting steel doors not only makes unsightly doors beautiful again, but also helps protect them from corrosion. Which colors and tools are particularly suitable for painting, and what to look for when painting, you will learn in this post.

Paint metal

Basically, metal can be painted with different colors. Acrylic paint is best - it is the easiest to work with and offers some other advantages:

  • Acrylic paint dries very fast
  • Acrylic paints are water-based and thus free from solvents, they can therefore be easily diluted with water
  • Acrylic paint in many cases does not require a separate primer
  • Acrylic paint is highly durable and weatherproof, it forms stable elastic cover layers
  • Acrylic paint adheres physically and better than many other colors

Acrylic paint offers an advantage in terms of workmanship and economy in comparison to other types of paint (it only needs to be purchased a paint, no thinner, no hardener and no primer).


Painting on metal is best done with the roller. However, spraying is particularly suitable for a high surface quality - it creates a very uniform surface, also reaches gutters and corners and ensures a thin, load-bearing color layer on the door. High-quality sprayers can already be found in shops from around 100 EUR, and they can also be used well for other painting and painting work (depending on the device model).

Old coatings

If there is already a coat of paint on your steel door, you just need to lightly sand this paint. For this, fine sandpaper in 100 or 120 grit is usually sufficient. After sanding, you should clean the sanded surfaces thoroughly. For a good paint quality, no sanding dust and dirt should be left on the surface when you paint.

stainless fighting

If there is rust on the steel door, you must definitely grind it off completely and treat the affected areas additionally with a rust converter. A separate anti-rust primer is not essential for steel doors, but it may make sense, especially if rust damage has previously existed.

Tips & Tricks

Antirust primers are all the more effective the more phosphoric acid and zinc powder they contain. So always pay attention to the labels, whether the primer matches the paint you want to use.

Video Board: How to Paint an Exterior Metal Door