Remove steel frames and replace with wooden doors

Anyone who wants to renovate his house or apartment, and in the future would like to have wooden doors and frames, often has to expand the existing steel frames first. Whether this works, and what you have to pay attention, you will learn in detail in this post.

Differences in the frames

First of all, you have to distinguish what type of steel frame is concerned. Common are both so-called Winkelzargen, as well as Umfassungszargen. The latter are virtually impossible to remove without major damage to the walls. Even with angle frames, however, there may be major problems with the removal of the frame.

Possible damage

The expansion of a steel frame can often lead to the reveal openings must be repaired very costly after removing the frames. Frames are usually very firmly connected via anchor with the wall and additionally foamed. This makes a removal only by force and with appropriate subsequent damage possible.

In addition, in some cases, a rail (under the screed) which can be expanded only with great effort and subsequently great damage.

Possible distance

Removal can only be achieved by sawing the frames into individual parts with a cutting disc, and then severing the existing anchors (usually 3 per side) one by one. Then the built-in frame can then be removed by force.


Since the removal of a steel frame seems less promising, you should think about alternatives. Possibilities are:

  • the sheathing of the steel frame with a so-called renovation system with standard dimensions of the frame
  • the production of a sheathing of the frame in an individual measure (for example by a carpenter)
  • the foiling of the steel frame with foils in matching wood look

The first two options may be quite costly. For common dimensions in the steel frames can be expected in a renovation system of prices from about 120 - 130 EUR, individual sheathing, however, are significantly more expensive. The cost of a foiling depends on the respective provider and start at around 40 - 60 EUR per frame including cutting.

Tips & Tricks

A foliation of the frame is certainly the easiest way to equip a steel frame in wood look. The lifetime of high-quality films is about 10 years - at least that's what most manufacturers say.

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