The steel foundation for the greenhouse

Greenhouses are trendy. Therefore, the manufacturers compete for customers and offer complete sets, which are delivered with steel foundation. What it has on it, how such a steel foundation for the greenhouse in the underground is anchored and much more you can learn here.

The problem with greenhouses with steel foundations

Greenhouses have long been produced in large series. Often the greenhouse also contains a steel foundation. However, that is not without problems:

  • The steel foundation is ground-touched and therefore exposed to moisture
  • The supplied steel foundations often consist of very thin and only painted metal
  • Earth and moisture from the inside also add to the steel foundation

These are definitely significant disadvantages that you should definitely consider. Because the lifetime is so heavily influenced. It should also be borne in mind that even with a steel foundation, you can not get by completely without concrete.

Construction of a steel foundation

First, the steel foundation forms according to the layout of your greenhouse. In simple versions, only this frame is assembled. Subsequently, pin-like profiles (like stilts) are screwed into the four corners. Analogous to their height now point foundations are dug.

The frame is now turned over and the profiles placed in the excavated holes. The holes are so deep to dig that the frame is now almost or actually earth-touched. Here the respective assembly instructions of the different manufacturers are to be considered. Now it is filled up with concrete.

Steel foundation always close to ground or ground

The sticking point is and will always be that the sheet metal or steel girders are always close to the ground or earth contact in more exclusive designs. This significantly limits the life of such steel foundations. Only strip foundations can be designed so that the steel foundation is not touched by the earth. The only significant advantage would be the simple and fast, but not very robust construction of a greenhouse with steel foundation.

One possibility would be increased point foundations, which then presuppose a correspondingly sustainable greenhouse floor. Here also post carriers can be concreted. If you look at professional greenhouses, you will find that they have ever-increasing strip foundations as ring foundations or ring foundations on which at least one base is being bricked or concreted.

Tips & Tricks

Follow our link for information and instructions on how to make a concrete foundation for a greenhouse. With such a foundation, you will enjoy your greenhouse for many years.

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