Sheathing the steel frame - that's the easiest way

Who replaces his old doors with noble real wood doors, is often not very happy with the old steel frames and their appearance. What are the simple ways to simply wrap the old steel frames, how to do that, and what that costs, you can read at length in this post.

renovation systems

Finished systems to encase steel frames with wood are usually offered as so-called "renovation systems". They allow a very simple cladding of the steel frames with wood, without having to remove or edit the original existing frame.

Possibility to renovate

The prerequisite for the use of such systems is that the existing steel frames comply with common standard dimensions. An adaptation to existing own dimensions is only possible with a few providers.

Most popular wood colors used for wooden doors are available in designs. In some cases, it may well happen that a special wood color at the door has no matching equivalent as a renovation system. In this case, you can either compromise or use transparencies to bring the renovation system to a suitable color.

Application of renovation systems

The application of such systems is easy:

  • it does not have to be straightened
  • the old, existing frame does not need to be processed
  • The system is quick and easy to assemble and very stable

Unevenness in the wall next to the frame, if they are not too large, can be easily corrected with compensating bands. Larger bumps or even holes but require a mending the wall.

Reduction of door width

What you have to expect in such renovation systems, however, is that the door width and height decrease slightly during the passage. As a rule, one has to assume about 3 - 4 cm of height loss and about 7 - 8 cm of width loss (total) through the system. For most doors in standard dimensions, this is not a big deal.


Renovation system are usually available from around 120 - 130 EUR. Larger door widths or special designs can also be more expensive.

Tips & Tricks

A much easier option, of course, is to simply foil the existing frame. Made-to-measure films can be ordered with millimeter accuracy (on the basis of their own dimensions), and there is also the option of simply producing and cutting in a desired design. Price starts this possibility at around 50 - 60 EUR per frame in wood design.

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