Renovating steel frames - you can do that

Walls and floors are quickly being renovated, with the door frames there is always some inner resistance to make to the renovation. It is often delayed for a long time. The renovation is often not so difficult. What you can do, read in this post.

Possibilities to renovate

If you're about to repaint the walls, you can also start refurbishing the old, battered doorframes. In particular, if you change the color of the wall, offers a redesign of the frames. What you can do:

  • Paint steel frames
  • Cover steel frames with foil
  • Cover steel frames, a relatively complex way
  • Remove and replace steel frames, for example with a wooden door (even more complex)

Paint steel frames

This is the easiest way to make a frame look beautiful again. Painting is best achieved with acrylic paint, which adheres to steel and old coatings without any special primer, and offers a very stable and durable surface layer.

Since acrylic is water-based and solvent-free, it is also ideal for indoor use, and does not bring any unpleasant smells. As a rule, acrylic paints are even saliva-proof and non-toxic, making them a good choice for small children in the house.

Painting or spraying

With a little skill one achieves a very good result even with the role, but problems often cause the folds and edges. Much faster and easier is it with a color spray system that gets into all corners and cracks and allows a very uniform, thin paint application. Such systems are available from as little as 100 EUR, most of them are also very good for it, and then also the walls with it very quickly and conveniently delete. The purchase is worthwhile.

Cover steel frames with foil

If you foil the frames, you can also save the masking. For this purpose, special surface structures are possible (such as metallic or mother of pearl look). Providers refer to a minimum shelf life of 10 years, after which the films are peelable without trace. In addition, numerous motif designs are possible.
Films are delivered tailored to the millimeter to their own dimensions. The sticking succeeds with a little skill very well. Priced foil sets start at around 30 - 40 EUR for simple metallic foils, but special high-quality motif designs can cost well over 100 EUR.

Frame replacement or sheathing

For these two renovations, please read in our special contributions sheathing and frame replacement.

Tips & Tricks

By the way, frame foils can also be applied to wooden frames. In doing so, you can save yourself the trouble of having to renovate and quickly regain respectable door frames.

Video Board: Renovation Framing with Steel Stud Track - Tips!