Turn sheet steel - what you should consider

If you are able to bend a steel sheet, you have to ask yourself if you can do it yourself or if you need professional help. Where self-bending is possible, how to do it, and what to look for when bending generally, read this post.

Turn yourself

material thickness

Only a few steel sheets you can do yourself and without professional bending. In general, you often encounter problems with sheet metal of about one millimeter thickness. But that also depends on the respective material. Stainless steel is fundamentally more difficult to bend than steel.

material properties

Narrow radii can not be bent on any material. The residual stresses of the material can be problematic, many materials can only be formed warm. Also, you have to take into account, if you want to bend yourself. Cold forming of materials that are not suitable for this, get breaks in the metal structure, which greatly reduces the capacity of the sheet.

Exact results

It is also important that you can hardly achieve clean results without a professional bending bench or a professional bending process. The sheets are very often not flat after bending, if you only use "home remedies".

Possible technique

The easiest way is to make sheets with the rubber mallet if they are clamped in place. A folding is usually not a problem, for bending but you have to build a correspondingly stable bending gauge.

Even the folding over a stable surface can be done with the rubber hammer. It is important in any case a very stable fastening of the sheet to be bent by means of screw clamps.

Professional banker

If you often have to cut sheet metal, you can buy a folding bench. For about 200 EUR you get already simple models, which still get along fairly well with smaller sheet thicknesses. The stronger the sheets you want to bend, the more expensive a corresponding curb will be.

Let it bend

You can also bring your sheets to contract benders or locksmiths. This has the advantage that they are there in the hands of a specialist who also knows how to best handle them. Another alternative are online providers, where you can cut sheets ready and canted to own drawings canted. This can be very convenient and time-saving.

Tips & Tricks

If it's only about the folding of not too large sheets, you can also ask for roofing companies. Many roofers make their own sheet metal work, and therefore have their own folding bench. As a rule, usually only small fees are charged for simple work.

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