Solder a steel wire

You can also solder hard metals and alloys like steel. This is a preferred method of joining, especially with steel wire. How you can solder steel wire, we have summarized below for you.

The soldering of steel wire

Basically, when joining steel alloys, welding dominates. However, even when welding steel quickly limits can be achieved. In particular, if it is steel wire to be joined. When welding, it happens very quickly that the steel wire simply burns or melts away.

Soldering process for brazing steel wire

The soldering itself is also a comprehensive area. So there are different soldering techniques that are mainly related to the soldering temperature:

  • the soft soldering (up to 450 degrees Celsius)
  • brazing (from 450 degrees)
  • high-temperature soldering (900 to 1,200 degrees)

The soft soldering and the high temperature soldering of steel wire

Soft soldering is also possible with steel wire. Especially the right flux is crucial. However, it is still difficult. The solder does not hold on the steel for the slightest defects.

There are several approaches to high temperature soldering. For example, with the autogenous welder. But even with inert gas you can braze (MSG, metal inert gas brazing).

Add steel wire by brazing

The least complicated is the brazing. Especially with steel wire, it should be the right soldering technique for many applications. Because steel wire is often soldered for electrical applications. For example, for building a wire cutter, so for foam cutting with hot wire. During soldering, the wire would come loose again.

You need this for steel wire soldering

Even when brazing steel wire, the right tools must be available:

  • the right flux
  • the right brazing material
  • possibly acid for cleaning

Please note the properties of the steel alloy

However, steel alloy is not equal to steel alloy. The easiest way is to research the steel DIN with a metal table book and then select the appropriate tools. This applies to both the flux and the brazing alloy. As a brazing solder is used for soldering steel mostly silver solder.

Soldering is easy then

The steel wire is cleaned, then brushed with the flux. Now the steel wire is brought to the correct temperature and the brazing solder is melted.

Tips & Tricks

The table book can also be taken from the correct soldering temperature for the present alloy. If you heat the steel wire too much, sinter the steel by it. The steel becomes hard and porous.

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