Steering wheel claw comparison 2018

Purchase advice for steering wheel claw comparison or test 2018

  • In a car theft two unpleasant factors come together: The oppressive feeling of being stolen, and a considerable loss of money, which is not always caught by the insurance companies.
  • Steering wheel claws provide a complementary car theft deterrent that reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim of a car clutter.
  • Steering wheel claws are mechanical immobilizers, which can also fulfill other functions, such as the protection of the navigation device. Thus, occasional thieves are effectively deterred.

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: claw

The car - always an expression of independence, flexibility and mobility. Whether it's the mere possibility of being able to drive away spontaneously over the weekend or the daily commute between home and work: For many people, the car is an indispensable part of their lives, All the worse is the surprise, if there was only one gap the next morning, where the car was parked yesterday. A very real concern, after all, in 2015, a good third of the German population said they were afraid of car theft (Source: Puls Marktforschung).

We have therefore dedicated ourselves to the subject of vehicle theft protection and our Lenkradkrallen comparison 2018 performed, We deal here with the most important purchase criteria for the steering wheel locks and offer you an ideal purchase advice, so you quickly and easily find the best steering wheel claw for your car.

1. How does a steering wheel claw work? More protection in a few steps

Double blockade

Some shut-off bars not only block the steering wheel, but also one of the pedals. So you can with the steering wheel claw the Secure the brake pedal or alternatively the clutch or accelerator pedal against unintentional use.

Ultimately, even a non-steerable car can be badly stolen, but the additional immobilizer for one of the pedals can provide even more deterrence.

The steering wheel lock - often referred to as a steering wheel lock, lock or shut-off bar - is a mechanical safety device that attaches to the steering wheel of your car. This prevents the car steering wheel from turning: Thieves would have to steal your vehicle without steering, which should be a difficult task.

The anti-theft protection for the car can be mounted in a few moments on the steering wheel, by the length of the rod is necessary for driving the steering wheel is no longer possible. A simple but effective way to protect your car against theft.

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the steering wheel claw compared to not having to back up your vehicle:

  • deterrent: Thieves are looking for a more promising target
  • increased car theft protection: thieves fail when cracking or take longer
  • low acquisition costs (from approx. 10 Euro)
  • easy construction
  • can be cracked relatively easily
  • must be stowed safely for the ride (for example in the trunk): increased risk of accident

2. Which steering wheel claw types are there?

Steering wheel claw-typecharacteristics
steering wheel claw

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: comparison

  • locks the steering wheel mechanically
  • Steering wheel can not be properly rotated due to a locking bar
  • comparatively inexpensive steering wheel claw type
  • especially easy installation
Steering wheel claw with pedal lock

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: claw

  • blocks steering wheel and one of the pedals mechanically
  • Steering wheel can not be turned appropriately and a pedal can not be used
  • a little unwieldy assembly: handling in the footwell
  • also comparatively cheap
Steering wheel claw with alarm

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: claw

  • locks steering wheel mechanically
  • when trying to crack the steering wheel lock with an alarm, a siren sounds
  • Additional visual alarm possible on some models: bright, flashing strobe light
  • higher acquisition costs: from around 70 euros
  • even if thieves can turn off the immobilizer and the alarm: great attention is guaranteed
Steering wheel claw with Navischutz

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: comparison

  • locks steering wheel mechanically
  • also protects the navigation device in the vehicle (with devices installed in the dashboard)
  • Also deter thieves aiming for car accessories
  • bulkier and heavier than an ordinary steering wheel lock

Protection against accessory theft: Thieves do not always care about the whole car. Some of the burglaries are aimed at valuable accessories such as navigation devices or airbags. If you also want to reduce the risk of theft in this regard, we recommend a steering wheel claw with airbag protection and / or naval protection. A device of this category is of course especially recommended if you drive a high-quality car and the accessories are correspondingly expensive.

3. Purchase criteria for steering wheel claws: You must pay attention to this

Play it safe and not give up additional alarm? Do not lose sight of the protection of the navigation device? Choosing the right steering wheel lock type is the first step in securing your car. After that, there are a few more aspects to consider to really find the personal steering wheel test winner for your vehicle. We've listed the key buying criteria and revealed what you should focus on.

3.1. The right security level

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: comparison

For particularly valuable cars also offer high-quality security systems.

If you want to protect your car from theft, it is advisable, of course, to take a look at the security level.

The more valuable your car is and the more worried you are about a burglary, the more advisable it is to buy the highest quality anti-theft device for your car.

If your vehicle is an older model, the purchase of a cheap steering wheel claw may already be enough. If you put on the deterrent effect, it must not be the most expensive product.

Also the best steering wheel claw can be cracked, Experienced and stubborn thieves can - with a bit of luck - also defend themselves against alarm-protected devices. Still, a more stable car immobilizer is harder to crack. Many a thief may despair of her, others need more time, at least, and attract more attention.

All these are factors that make the theft of your car not impossible, but ultimately make it unlikely, and so the Automobile Club traffic states:

Steering wheel claws make it difficult for car thieves. They are recommended for vehicles that are parked in the street and not protected against theft in locked garages.
Jens Klingenberg from the Automobile Club Verkehr (ACV)
(Vehicle expert)

3.2. The right length

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: wheel

The length can be adjusted individually via telescopic rod.

Not every car interior and not every steering wheel is the same: so pay attention to the right bar length when you buy your car's claw.

Most manufacturers and brands offer Products with telescopic rods, whereby the length of the steering wheel claw can be flexibly adjusted, With up to 80 centimeters but usually steering wheels can be secured by motorhomes.

On the other hand, the car anti-theft device is in some cases not compatible with all cars. For example, the Stoplock HG 149-00 does not fit the car's steering wheel of the Mercedes 250 CGI, and you would also have to look for a different model for sports steering wheels in the BMW M-series.

3.3. A simple assembly

In general, all steering wheel claws are relatively easy to attach to the steering wheel of the vehicle. Even products with a pedal lock are easy and uncomplicated to createalthough you have to stoop a little bit down the footwell.

Important: In addition to the appropriate length for the steering wheel width and a pleasant installation, you must pay particular attention to ensure that the rod is ultimately long enough to really block the steering wheel, for example, by banging against the driver's door. Since the interior of the various car models is different in size, you have to pay special attention to this.

3.4. The remote control

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: 2018

Steering wheel lock with alarm and associated remote control.

If you do not only want to rely on the mechanical power of the products when it comes to car theft protection, there is a device with integrated alarm system.

A car steering wheel claw with alarm system is sensitive to vibrations and can shriek thieves with shrill tones and light effects.

To avoid accidentally triggering the alarm even when getting in, one is Remote control with which you can deactivate the device beforehand, of great benefit. So if you have opted for a device with alarm, you should urgently make sure that a corresponding remote control is included.

4. Questions and answers about steering wheel claw

4.1. How safe is a steering wheel claw?

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: claw

Parking claw for extra protection.

In principle, a car steering wheel lock can be cracked by experienced thieves - however, the higher the quality of the product, the more difficult it is for the thieves, And since it also depends on the time required in a car theft, a secured vehicle can defeat a thief because it loses his nerve.

Apart from that, the deterrent effect of a steering wheel safety is to be emphasized: in particular occasional thieves have it for easy prey, A steering wheel claw makes your car look suddenly unattractive.

Plus security: If you want to double protect your vehicle, you can also buy a parking claw (also called Radklalle). This can be difficult to crack, but may be overlooked by thieves, which can lead to significant damage when driving off. Still, for a safer feeling when parking your vehicle, a car claw is a great option.

In addition, the Automobile Club Verkehr (ACV) recommends:

The safest method against car-claw is a locked garage. Motorists should park on well-lit and busy streets and protect their vehicle with a classic alarm system whose thieves set off the flight. Motorists should always pull the key, even if they only briefly move away from their vehicle. Doors and windows should always be locked even with short parking.
Jens Klingenberg from the Automobile Club Verkehr (ACV)
(Vehicle expert)

4.2. How to attach a steering wheel claw?

The following YouTube video shows you how to attach and fix your steering wheel claw to protect your car from theft valuable tips for the protection of a vehicle are given.

4.3. How much is a steering wheel claw?

Particularly favorable steering wheel claws can already be purchased from around ten euros. Obviously, you will not receive a high-quality product, but it will already be a deterrent.

For higher quality claws, however, you should budget for at least 70 euros - an amount that is reasonably invested in the equivalent value of your vehicle.

4.4. Did Stiftung Warentest carry out a steering wheel claw test?

Steering wheel claw comparison 2018: comparison

Always check the doors of your car after completion.

The Stiftung Warentest has unfortunately not yet made a steering wheel claw test.

However, she has dealt with another important security issue around car theft: radio key. Here researchers could in 2016 especially for cars of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat vulnerabilities determine.

After all, there was the all-clear from the insurance companies: These usually come up for the damage.

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