Stemmhammer comparison 2018

Purchase advice for Stemmhammer comparison or test 2018

  • A stamper is always used when breaking or removing hard surfaces. If, for example, a tiled floor has to be removed or a wall breakthrough has to be worked out cleanly, the chisel tip of the stemming hammer can wear down even the hardest material with every blow.
  • A rotary hammer has in addition to the Schlag- also a drilling function. Not only can tiles be broken, but also cable ducts can be drilled.
  • Renting a stammer often costs a lot (180 Euro for two weeks) and you only get a used device, which you have to transport laboriously. If you have to use the hammer regularly, you can buy a cheap device for 150 euros.

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: hammer

A stamper, demolition hammer or chisel or electric chisel is a heavy tool that is designed for the demolition or demolition of mostly stone constructions.

Stemmhammer: effective demolition

If you are looking in vain for a tool in your tool box, that with very hard surfaces like concrete is finished, which should fall back on a Stemmhammer.

Thanks to a blow strength of more than 5 joules and a stroke of 1,000 beats per minute a stun hammer wears tiled surfaces.

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: hammer

Even the concrete can be torn off with the Bosch Professional GSH 5 CE percussion hammer.

Typical work with a caulking or demolition hammer are:

  • the Rip of foundations or tiled surfaces
  • the path Temmen of concrete or asphalt
  • the Produce passages, breakthroughs or channels

It does not matter whether you buy the best stamper from Bosch or Makita - the functionality remains the same: the Chisel processes the material with even strokesuntil it breaks or gives way.

Not without reason Stemmhämmer often weigh more than 18 kg, The weight makes horizontal work difficult, but ensures greater power transmission.

What to look for when choosing your personal stomping test winner and what about the Impact strength and the stroke rate on our Stammerhammer comparison 2018.

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1. Pest Hammer for your home use: Buy or Rent?

Anyone who plays with the idea to buy a good stammer, should consider some purchase criteria. But before that, the question is in the room, whether it is not worthwhile to rent a stun hammer:

Buy or borrow a cheap stammer?

If you want to test a stamper or plan a small structural measure, you can lend or rent a stun hammer.

Large hardware stores such as Obi also offer pruning hammers for hire - the costs are not insignificant:

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: Stemmhammer

  • 28,80 Euro: Usage for a total of 4 hours
  • 36,00 Euro: Use for 24 hours
  • 54.00 euros: Use for a weekend
  • 90.00 euros: Use for a week
  • 150.00 euros Deposit are always payable


A high-quality Stemmhammer test winner can cost quite a few hundred euros - a cheap model from the middle class, however, you can Buy for about 150 euros.

The advantage of a purchased stemming hammer: The time limit and the time-consuming transport of sometimes over 20 kg device omitted. In addition, you do not need to use a used stalk hammer and can rely on the manufacturer's warranty for your branded product.

2. Performance, impact strength and weight - purchase advice for caulking hammers

The different types of demolition hammers are distinguished by their performance - which can vary considerably. What matters, you can see here:

categoryExplanation to the category
powerThe performance of a pruning hammer (which is powered by electricity) can be read off the number of watts. It is important to note, however, that a high watts number does not speak for the effectiveness of the chisel hammer - rather, the power consumption is the relevant value.

Stiftung Warentest has learned this when testing vacuum cleaners. So models with higher watts do not necessarily suck worse, but generally consume more electricity (Source:

impact strengthThe strength of a pruning hammer is given in joules and measured by a single hit. The higher the value, the more force the stamper has.

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: Stemmhammer

What you can do exactly with your Makita or Bosch mallet can be seen here:

  • 8 joules: Remove tiles
  • 12 joules: tear off weak walls
  • 20 joules: tear off strong walls

So if you are dealing with very hard materials, pay attention to an impact strength of more than 20 joules.

BlowsThe stroke rate of the stemming hammer means the frequency with which the impact force can be applied to the material to be processed.

In most cases, the stroke rate is related to the size and strength of the stemming hammer: the bigger and heavier the device, the lower the stroke rate.

Watch for a stroke rate of at least 1,000 beats per minute.

massCalculate with a weight of at least 5 kg - more common are large hammers, which can weigh over 25 kg, depending on the type.

Large demolition hammers or professional equipment weighing more than 10 kg are usually designed for vertical work on the ground - Please do not try to use a 25 kg demolition hammer for overhead work.

Stemmhammer accessories: When working with a stapling hammer, it is important to remember hearing protection and goggles.

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: Stemmhammer

3. Rotary Hammer or Stemmhammer - The rotation is crucial

Although many hobby artisans use the terms Stemmhammer, percussion drill, chisel hammer, hammer drill or demolition hammer synonymous, there are differences between the different species. We explain what to look for:

Stemmhammerdemolition hammerRotary Hammer

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: Stemmhammer

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: comparison

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: 2018

  • Makita Stemmhammer
  • Product: HM0871C
  • Scheppach demolition hammer
  • Product: 5908201901
  • Bosch rotary hammer
  • Product: PBH 2100 RE
Power: 1,100 WPower: 1,600 WPower: 550W

Stemmhammer comparison 2018: Stemmhammer

When you test a demolition hammer, you quickly notice that this device often heavier and more powerful is like an ordinary stun hammer.

A hammer drill is against it provided with a drilling function: In addition to removing tiles and concrete, you can drill holes to lay cables, for example.

So while a common stun hammer only allows a beating movement of the chisel head, the hammer also allows a rotating movement - but often at the expense of performance.

Stemmhammer with SDS-Max: Originally developed by Bosch for rotary hammers, the SDS plug-in system for changing chisel or drilling attachments has become the standard. The designations SDS-Max or SDS-Plus merely refer to the shaft diameter of the attachments.

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