Template painting with wall templates: Design walls with templates

Template painting with wall templates: Design walls with templates: templates

For a long time Stencil paintings by the painter and his journeymen made, a common wall decoration for limed walls.

Today this learns old technique a renaissance and wall stencils For self-styled interior designers, printing is easy and inexpensive.

Step-by-step instructions and different template templates for the wall ornament we have put together here.

With the appropriate tools and tools, it also succeeds painterly untalented people walls, furniture and decorative objects to be provided with all sorts of motifs and ornaments.

These are just one or several templates needed, Brush or sponge and special stencil paint.

The principle is simple: The stencil is fixed to the wall, the paint is applied to the ground in the open spaces of the stencil and the stencil is peeled off again. But you can too used several stencils and paint jobs be performed.

So are simple, yourself repetitive shapes to intricate, multi-colored ornaments Many design ideas can be realized with stencils.

Template painting with wall templates: Design walls with templates: template

The smoother the surface, the easier the clean transfer of the pattern. However, even uneven surfaces like e.g. Woodchip and textured wallpaper to be embellished.

The key is the right technology: the for the Stencil painting typical Stupftechnik When used properly, drip-free and clean results.

The prerequisite for this is the use of a dry and stable brush. Everyone can do that dry, dust and grease-free surface shape.

There are almost no limits to creativity: suitable for the walls too Furniture pieces, accessories, doors and with true colors even fabrics designed become.

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