Steps in screed laying

Screed - as a dry screed - to lay, is generally relatively unproblematic and can be handled alone. With liquid screeds one does not speak of screed laying but of screed installation, here it is usually much more complicated, for the installation of a liquid screed and helpers are needed. With dry screed, only two elements come into play - the screed elements and, if necessary, a leveling piling made of suitable material. The floor must first be clean and dry, but if it is also flat, it can generally be dispensed with a leveling floor. Heat and impact sound insulation is already finished on screed elements laminated, so it does not need to be specially created in the construction. Edge insulation strips are used in white on all screeds, even in screed laying of dry screed.

Applying the leveling compound

First, lengthwise parallel dams of counterbalancing material are poured - they should be about 20 cm wide. Roof battens are then placed and leveled in these dams, so that a lath scaffold of the same height is created which later indicates the height of the fill. The intermediate spaces can now be filled with the bulk material and removed with a slat along the roof battens. Thereafter, the roof battens are removed and the trenches completely filled. Subsequently, the dry screed elements can now be laid.

Laying the dry screed elements

Beginning on the wall opposite the door, the elements are coated with two strands of adhesive and joined to one another; in the edge area they must be cut to size. For most systems, additional bolting is recommended, while some systems even use no glue. After laying the floor is immediately accessible, after the adhesive has cured the next day also already in evidence. The visible joints should be filled - as in drywall.

Special constructions in the bathroom or under floor heating

Underfloor heating or wet rooms make a special construction of the dry screed necessary - here may have additionally applied special sealing compounds, or vapor barriers or Wärmeleitbleche be incorporated into the construction.

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