Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011

Mount bike carrier on the vehicle

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: warentest

In addition to the motor vehicle, many motorists also like to move their bike in favorable weather. The ideal solution for taking the "bike" by car is a bicycle carrier. With the bike carrier you can take your bike with you comfortably, whether for a weekend trip or even on vacation. Show them what they should pay attention to during assembly so that they can safely transport their bicycles.

Variants of bicycle carriers

The roof rack

This carrier system is widely used in Germany, as it was for a long time the only permitted for the transport of bicycles with the motor vehicle. The bicycle carriers usually consist of a rail in which the bicycle is placed and a mounting fork with clamping device which fixes the bicycle to the frame. The bike carriers can be mounted side by side on ordinary cross members and thus offer Space for 2-3 bikes on the roof of a vehicle.

advantages: free access to the trunk, no rear view.

disadvantage: Bicycles need to be lifted onto the roof, provide a lot of surface for wind, affect the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, increase fuel consumption, often not suitable for wider frames and tires (eg mountain bikes).

The rear carrier

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: warentest

Attach bikes to rear carrier

The rear carrier is, as the name suggests, the carrier device mounted at the rear of the vehicle. It is to make sure that you buy a matching model, which can be attached to the tailgate of your own vehicle. The bike carrier consists of a frame which is fixed with holding devices on the tailgate. The bikes are then placed side by side on the individual rails and lashed.

advantages: easy charging of bicycles, little influence on the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle

disadvantage: Boot no longer accessible, rear view restricted, possibly scratches due to attachment to painted body parts

The trailer hitch

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: bike

Coupling carrier mounted

To mount this variant of the bike carrier, you definitely need a trailer hitch. Similar to the rear carrier, the bicycles are fixed transversely to the direction of travel, but the entire construction is mounted on the trailer hitch. The bicycle carrier consists of a frame with a clamping device, which is placed on the trailer hitch and locked by means of a lever. Often these systems have a swivel mechanism, which makes it possible to open the trunk despite the bicycle carrier.

advantages: easy charging of bicycles, little influence on the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, trunk remains accessible.

disadvantage: Limitation of the rear view, trailer coupling must be present.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: carrier

Clutch carrier folded down

Tips for buying a bike rack

When buying If some things should be considered, otherwise the joy of the new bicycle rack will quickly pass.

  • Make sure that the bike carrier is suitable for your vehicle model, even if it is a universal carrier.
  • Pay attention to good workmanship and sufficient stability
  • Find out about current tests, such as at the ADAC
  • Do not save it in the wrong place. Branded products from Thule, MontBlanc, Atera or Uebler are often a little more expensive, but they also save on cheap products and safety!
  • Bicycle carriers with locks are an optimal protection to protect against thieves

Assembly of the bike carrier

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: stiftung

Roof rack with bicycles

To install the roof rack carrier, a crossbar system consisting of 2 cross beams must first be installed. The attachment can be done in several ways and is vehicle specific.

mounting types:

  • Bolting to a permanently mounted roof railing (often on Combi vehicles)
  • Clamping by special clamping feet in the area of ​​the door frame
  • Clamping on a fixed rain gutter (often on older vehicles)
  • Fastening to fixing points prepared specially from the factory (often in off-road vehicles)

When mounting, make sure that the base supports are as wide as the vehicle's exterior mirrors and do not protrude too far. Now that they have screwed on the cross members, they can now put on the individual bike carriers. These will either bolted or fastened to the cross members with a special clamping system.

For roof racks, make sure that the load is distributed evenly on the roof and the roof load of the vehicle is not exceeded. Check this beforehand in your vehicle registration.

Mount rear carrier

The assembly of the rear carrier takes place without additional carrying systems. The carrier has hooks, which are attached to the upper fold of the tailgate. On the underside of the carrier are usually rubberized pads that support the load while preventing scratching of the paint. On the side, most carrying systems also have holding straps with hooks, which prevent the wearer from slipping.

Should the original taillights of the vehicle be obscured, Additional lights must be attached to the bike carrier. The same applies to the license plate of the vehicle, but this license plate does not require a registration sticker.

Make sure when mounting that they clean the tailgate beforehand, to avoid scratches.

Assembly of the trailer hitch carrier

The assembly of this bike carrier is usually the easiest to perform. However, it is helpful to work in pairs, since the frame must be raised and placed on the ball head of the trailer hitch. To fix a lever must be operated, which sets the clamping mechanism in motion.

Notice that the ball head is fat-free, so that the bike carrier does not move when cornering.

Also in the trailer hitch is to make sure that License plate and lighting are not obscured. However, most carriers have additional lighting and license plate holder, because the low mounting point, the said things are covered.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: stiftung

ADAC test winner: Thule FreeRide 530

TheADAC regularly tests bike carriers on aspects such as workmanship, safety and assembly.

For expensive bike carrier systems you often have to spend as much as for a good bike, but still there also cheap carrier from 19 euros. Whether a cheap carrier is enough or whether it is better to spend a little more money on safety and quality, the ADAC testers have examined eight bicycle carriers for the towbar and six carriers for roof mounting.

In addition to positive test results were also found significant safety deficiencies. In strong braking or evasive maneuvers some bike carriers were brought to their limits and beyond. Pictures of flying bicycles and burst rear windows were the result.

ADAC bike carrier test winner 2009

Test winner in the clutch assembly was the model"Evil P31", In the roof mounting had the"Thule FreeRide 530" the nose in front.

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011

Stiftung Warentest and ADAC: Bike Carrier in Test 2011: adac

The Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC have again 14 bike carriers for the car on their resilience and the price-performance ratio examined. In the category of rear carrier with attachment to the trailer hitch, the Thule Euroway G2 won for 380 euros for the transport of lighter bicycles. For the transport of heavier electric bikes, the Atera Sport 2 is best for 325 euros. The Mont Blanc Explorer 2 was not convincing for 279 euros, which was rated as "poor".

In the cheaper alternative, the roof rack, also won the manufacturer Thule with the model Proride for 89 euros, which was able to prevail due to the highest safety and the simplest way to operate. Again disappointing was the model Disovery Mont Blanc for 89 euros.

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