Stone carpet

What is a stone carpet?

Stone carpet: carpet

The stone carpet, or stone carpet called, is the new successor to the terrazzo floor. He is suitable as a floor covering, as well as wall covering for indoor and outdoor use.

Unlike normal carpet is Stone carpet not rolled out in its finished statet, but laid in liquid form.

It is made of stones, either Marble, split, quartz or semiprecious stones such as tiger's eye, aventurine or sodalite and a transparent binder, mostly epoxy or polyuretane.

By different grain sizes are obtained different patterns, Stone carpet is also suitable for almost all surfaces.

Learn in the Here's more about laying and proper cleaning of noble stone carpets.

Instructions: Lay stone carpet

Actually, that is Laying of stone carpet not difficult and also for the home improvement possible. However, if you want to avoid possible mistakes, you can of course have the flooring laid by a specialist.

Here you will find the most important work steps for laying a stone carpet:

  1. The substrate must be level, clean and dry so that the coating adheres well to it. Smaller bumps can be compensated by the stone carpet, with larger dents you should first apply a leveling compound and bring the floor to a uniform height.
  2. Now stir the hardener with the binder. It is best to use a stirring attachment for the drill. This you get for 3,74 euros at
  3. Then add the stones. Please note the correct mixing ratio.
  4. Spread the finished mass roughly on the floor and level it with a trowel. Target is a thickness of 6-8 mm.
  5. Repeatedly check the floor for bumps with a bright lamp during installation.
  6. After 24 hours, the new floor is walkable, after 48 hours you can build the furniture and after 7 days it is finally completely dried.

Clean the stone carpet

Since stone carpet is laid without joints, he applies commonly considered to be easy to clean and absolutely hygienicH. You can just vacuum it and wipe it with commercial detergent and warm water.

Unlike However, normal carpet dust is not stirred up herebut recorded directly. Once or twice a year, you can additionally clean the floor covering with a steam cleaner.

You can order it for just under 75 Euro at smaller You can scratches and quirks with special waxes and resin fillingn eliminate.

If you have laid stone carpet outdoors, it cleans almost by itself. Rainwater removes dirt and can be drained directly through the open pores of the soil become. So neither puddles nor moss or algae.

Stone Carpet Prices

Stone carpet for 1m² costs on average 45 euros. He is thus among the floor coverings rather in the upper price range, but he is also extremely durable and resilient.

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