Rock garden: garden design with stones

If you want to create a rock garden, then you may be one of the nature lovers who appreciate the natural asymmetry of rocky and mountainous landscapes. Right-angle meticulousness is not for you, and with a good rock garden you can say that too. But that does not mean that you put in the rock garden before an undemanding task. Often created as an imitation of mountain landscapes and alpine nature areas, the rock garden is a skilful combination of stones and plants.

Create rock garden

The rock garden is ideal for creating uneven ground and slopes. Do not plow and pave if you do not want to, but gratefully accept the peculiarities of your property.

To create a rock garden you need three things in the first place: the right rock garden stones, the matching rock garden plants and some good advice that you should consider before buying the first boulders. For even the rock garden, the attraction lies in the detail, and some details should already be known in the planning.

The right stones for rock gardens

Larger chunks are in quarries.

calcareous sandstone

If you are thinking about the big rocks, which you would hardly get on your property without a crane, then there is talk of boulders. The boulders can have an interesting appearance depending on the color and shape and should therefore not be missing in any rock garden. Of course, smaller decorative stones are recommended. There are also artificial stones in every conceivable shape and color, but they are quick to catch on and can affect the natural flair. You can also use gravel to fill in smaller, irregular areas or underline plant groups. Here, too, you can let your asymmetrical creative skills run wild.

Stones are very individual, not least because of the many different types of stone. Very popular is the Alpendolomit, which is available in numerous colors. But also specimens of granite, basalt, calcareous sandstone or volcanic stone are used as stones in rockeries.

There is hardly any easier-to-care garden type than the rock garden.

Rock garden plants

A good ground cover is the blue pillow. It looks like it's called.


A rock garden does not consist exclusively of stones, but lives from the optical interplay of plant and rock. The rock garden plants are not special breeds, but mostly wild plant species such as hardy succulents, perennials, some bulbous flowers and smaller ornamental shrubs.

Ideally, rock garden plants are used, which are native to mountainous landscapes and feel well in the stony environment. The selection of plants that you can take as rock garden plants is great.

To achieve a natural look and to balance the bulky stones, also insert some grasses and place them skillfully between your stones. Grasses are also found in the wild and are therefore the optimal solution for the undeveloped and unplanted areas of your garden.

If you want to plant a tree in one place or another, then you will achieve the best effect with low woody plants, as the combined interaction of plants and stones otherwise quickly fades into the background. If you look at the texture of a mountainous landscape, you will find that in such barren landscapes, there are no "giants" whose crowns tower far into the sky. Try shallow shrubs or conifers such as creeping junipers or small pines.

Create rock garden

Create rock garden

A rock garden is ideal for a low-maintenance front yard. With stones of different sizes you achieve structure and create optical depth even in small flower beds. If the stones are subsequently combined with suitable plants, a Mediterranean design concept is created which is ideally suited to the inviting entrance area. Create rock garden

Plants for rockeries

Plants for rockeries

Succulents and many other plants are particularly well suited to revive the sunny rock garden. In their fleshy leaves the plants store long water, so they are particularly easy to care for and thrive on stony ground. Numerous flowers bring color into play. We give tips for beautiful plants in the rock garden.

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