Tiles in stone look combine the best features

Basically, massive natural stones are laid as tiles. Especially with some rocks such as basalt or sandstone, the porous surface makes the tiles sensitive to stains or water. For porcelain stoneware tiles in stone look, this risk is eliminated despite the deceptively real look.

Made of stone powder and ready-mixed concrete or porcelain stoneware

Stone-look tiles are also referred to as facing bricks. The bricks are artificial stones and are made of stone powder and lightweight concrete and thanks to modern production techniques can imitate almost all common rock types deceptively real.

The tiles are made of very finely ground porcelain stoneware based on clay, which achieves a high density through high pressure. This makes it unglazed very hard and both dirt and water repellent. Surface treatments such as brushing, sanding, polishing, flaming, drumming, patinating or sandblasting create additional visual effects that are close to the original stones.

Specialized trade

The decors and imitation stone optics depict almost every occurring stone true to nature. Specialists often tailor their offer to individual rocks. The online retailers stein-mosaik.de and wieland-naturstein.com have committed themselves to marble and other more rustic varieties of natural stones, and mosaic tiles in monochrome and colorful grades from around thirty euros per square meter.

At kerana.de, you can choose from very smooth and hard floors with shiny ceramic surfaces. Here prices start at around forty euros per square meter and reach up to eighty euros.

In the range of tiles in rustic stone look, which are to be used as wall coverings or veneers, are the cheapest offers, for example, under fliesen24.de to find. The cheapest tiles cost just under twenty euros and have uneven surfaces, as it is normal in natural stone walls.

Also click systems available

Mosaic tiles and stone-look tiles are also available as click tiles that are as easy to move as a puzzle. Under floordirekt.de, for example, click tiles in mosaic patterns in the dimensions of thirty by thirty centimeters and the colors anthracite, gray and pink are offered for 4.99 euros each. Another provider can be found at schutzmatten.com.

Tips & Tricks

There are also plastic tiles in stone look. The most printed vinyl or PVC products, for example, as a wall cladding from a distance to create a stone wall impression.

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