Chase the stone marten out of the attic

Get rid of marten in the attic again

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: chase

When the days in late autumn become cooler, they go Many stone martens make their way to their shelterto protect yourself from the cold.

To the chagrin of many homeowners, the predators like to penetrate into the house and find in the attic a cozy place for the winter. Here it is warm, dry and there is often in the immediate vicinity of the house a generous food supply.

In the house, the martens quickly cause great damage when they hit the Pollute the attic and erode the insulationso that thermal bridges arise and threatened mold. In addition, the after-active animals make such a noise that they rob the residents of their sleep.

You have some options to fight against the pests.

But respectAn unauthorized capture or even killing of the marten is unlawful for homeowners.

Martens cause great damage

Marten look funny, and still considered one of the most unwelcome pestswho can nest in the house.

The marten is messing with the attic Faeces and urine and drag as a carnivore stinking carrion in his hiding place. He also makes good use of the Roof insulation and uses this as a soft nesting material.

In this way, so-called Cold bridges are the result of mold growth in the roof area favor. After a few weeks, the entire attic is destroyed and there are costly refurbishment work.

So that it does not even come to damage the house, it is, a To detect marten infestation as early as possible and to bother the animals in an appropriate way, We have compiled the signs for you to recognize that a marten lives under your roof.

4 signs that a marten lives under the roof

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: stone

Martens are nocturnal predators and haul killed prey into their hideout in the loft.

1. crawling soundsMarten are not permanent guests. They come to their hiding place at night or in the morning to keep themselvesto recover from an active night or eat their prey safely at night to be able to.

So if you lie in bed at night and hear crabbing noises, a marten might be in the attic. Be Particularly attentive between April and September - At this time, the martens are particularly active.

2. Kotspuren and paw prints: Do you think...? Find Kotspuren or damp corners In the attic, a marten infestation is assumed. The animals mark their territory in this way and keep other conspecifics away.

In addition, on the often dusty floor small paw prints be discovered, who betray a nasty subtenant.

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: stone

Marten like to use the roof insulation as nesting material and cause great damage here.

3. Food leftovers: Stone martens are predators and omnivores: small mice, birds and organic waste from public garbage cans are high on their food list.

Unlike many other animals Marten carry their prey into their hiding place, This means that the animals additionally pollute the attic with carrion and food particles.

If you Bones, feathers or other food in your attic you can be sure of an acute marten infestation.

4. holes in the roof insulation: The roof insulation is a especially popular nesting material, which is available to the marten in masses and is easy to reach for the nimble acrobats.

The predators eat out large pieces and drag them to their hiding place, where they find the Insulation for padding and insulationInsert g.

It is therefore important to check the loft regularly for food marks. If a hole is eaten in the roof insulation, it can be replaced, before mold spores arise and cause further damage.

Marten protection in the house: Marder defense comes first

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: attic

Marten are shy animals. They will rarely see the wildlife.

In order to distribute a marten effectively, must in one First step is to determine how the animal gets into the house could. Come here so far undetected wall holes and ventilation slots or gutters as access options in question.

The stone martens are good climbers and can easily over Attached garages or canopies to higher floors reach. In this case, the animal reaches openings of around five to six centimeters - in general, where the head of the marten fits through, the rest of the body gets in.

Optimally, you combine several defenses: Seal obvious accesses and additionally access electronic aids to the grief back to keep your attic permanently marten-free.

Expel martens through lockout

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: chase

Look for all entry options around the house. Keep in mind: martens are very good climbers.

If the access paths of the marten are found, they are called long-term closure and inaccessible close.

It should be noted that the marten is currently not in the house: So work at nightif he's likely to be foraging.

This procedure is somewhat more complicated in the dark, but then the animal does not have to lured by an exterminator into a live trap and transported away become.

Since Steinmarder are habit animals, they are reluctant to give a proven shelter. It is therefore particularly important to the house all around to check for possible weak pointssuch as open basement windows, skylights or holes on the house facade.

The stone martens are trying with astonishing perseverance to create another access to the shelter - which they often succeed.

Even if the marten does not show up for a few days, you should still regularly the house for new entry opportunities scan.

Danger: During the season, martens may not be locked out, as there may be offspring in the attic.

Marten scare and marten trap

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: chase

The marten is a predator and omnivore.

In contrast to catching is the belching, so that animal-friendly chasing, also homeowners and also allowed all year round, However, this requires a wealth of ideas to make the animal hide-and-seek as unsightly as possible.

The first measure is loud music. Stop Radio in the attic and let it run conscious in the evening, Loud sounds and conversations deter the shy animal, whereupon it already avoids the place in the best case. If you know where the marten is, you too can already a loud knock help.

Also a rearranging and vigorous cleaning of the attic with sharp cleaners the marten can not stand. If you want to do without chemical cleaners, home remedies, such as fuel-soaked rags and dog or cat hairthat irritate the fine nose of the stone marten, be an appealing alternative. However, they are not proven in their effect.

Effective electronically ultrasonic devices, they increase the success rate of grunting: The devices produce for humans inaudible, changing frequency tones (whistles), which are extremely unpleasant for the marten. Set up the Devices on both the nest and the entry holes in order to achieve the highest possible success in marten defense.

The marten trap initially sounds convincing, but promises little success. First of all, martens are allowed on the basis of the Jagdrechts only official side by responsible foresters and hunters be caught.

In addition, a new marten will soon arrive in this vacated area. Thus, the problem is not solved, but only postponed for some time.

Marten defense: Hunting law and close season note

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: chase

Marten hide in the open in protected caves and cracks.

Stone martens may not be properly captured by homeowners and transported away. If attrition measures have no effect, one must Exterminator or hunter assigned become.

Even pest controllers are only allowed to catch the wildlife. However, the experts are particularly good at detecting hidden entry opportunities.

On Killing the marten is always the responsibility of the responsible hunter (Hunting right), but only outside the closed season. Otherwise, there is a risk that you separate a mother from her cubs, then starve in the attic.

Most Incidentally, boys are born between March and JulyTherefore, a targeted lockout of adult animals should be avoided at this time.

The close season of the stone marten ranges from February to October.

Marten in the car

Chase the stone marten out of the attic: marten

Not only the attic in the house, but also the Car can be a favorite district of the Steinmarders become. Here the animals hide in the engine compartment and eat away tubes. How to make your car mardericher, learn in our article Marder in the car.

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