Attach a stone wall behind the TV

A TV can be set up as an attractive furnishing accessory. Modern flat screens integrate themselves elegantly in front of the appearance of a stone wall. Cables and accessories can be grouped around the unit in a subtle way. The glass-stone contrast can be made with real stone or imitation.

Real stones or imitations

Modern flat screens now allow interior design solutions that make the TV table and cabinet wall forget. The devices can easily be hung on the wall. So the wall design becomes increasingly important.

A popular contrast to the black or filled with pictures rectangular areas offers the TV stone wall behind the TV. The construction effort and the construction methods can be determined by the choice between three variants:

  • Stone imitations of plastic, which are attached as wall panels
  • Stone tiles or plates that are processed like tiles
  • Real stones that are installed as a wall in front of a wall

So you can build a stone wall behind your TV yourself

  • suspension
  • spacer
  • Stones, clinker or panels
  • electric wire
  • sockets
  • Glue or
  • mortar
  • Drilling machine, concrete and stone drills and dowels
  • Trowel or adhesive spatula
  • Wrench
  • Possibly stone cutter

1. Define the construction type

You can choose prefabricated panels made of imitation or real stone, which are glued as continuous panels on the support wall. As an alternative, the walls of real stones with mortar is possible.

2. Prepare underground

According to the selected construction type, prime the bearing wall. A cable channel leads behind the later position of the screen.

3. Electrical installation

Lead the cables in the channel, if necessary also the feeder and connections for additional devices such as receivers or sound systems. Also consider the leads to any outlets that may be placed in the wall.

4. Mount the suspension

Depending on the thickness and mounting method of the stone wall, mount the screen suspension. If you apply wall panels directly to the wall, the suspension can be mounted with shorter spacers than for bricks.

5. "pull up" the stone wall

Finally, stick the cut panels on the support wall and cut out the necessary recesses. If you're walling, mortar the blocks in the joints and back.

Tips & Tricks

To dampen the sound insulation, for example, with a wall to the neighbors, you can attach an insulating layer such as cork panels between panels or stones and the support wall.

Product Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

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