Paint a stone wall creatively

You can paint on almost every stone wall or stone wall. In doing so, the brickwork effect can be emphasized, a self-conceived representation can be devised or the natural beauty of the building can be emphasized. When looking for creative ideas, some interior wall techniques are easily transferable to outdoor walls.

Freedom of design and conflict potential

In general, every owner may paint his stone wall with motifs of his choice. Legal limits set only the penal code and individual municipal building regulations. Some communities and towns regulate the visual appearance of buildings in the direction of public space. In this way, candy-pink colored walls must not be left standing everywhere. Adolescent motives and symbols of political expression may and may not be banned by the authorities.

Taste and art are excellent arguments. In order to avoid possible quarrels with neighbors, extraordinary and expressive painting on their own stone wall should only arise on the pages that point to their own plot. For all public areas, such as roads and neighboring plots, it is advisable to agree in advance and, if necessary, modify the plans.

Preparation before self-painting

Each stone wall or stone wall must be primed before painting according to their nature. In general, breathable paint jobs are always preferable to sealing variants. Similar to the painting of a house wall, the ability to diffuse and a material and substance-saving natural moisture regulation helps to support.

Representations and motifs

When decorating a stone wall by painting yourself, the following representations and motifs are popular and creative feasible:

  • Paint the wall in color
  • Paint the wall in two colors
  • Paint the wall colorfully, stone by stone, joint by joint
  • Paint wall by gray and add concrete look
  • Paint the wall in high gloss
  • Wall lettering on single stones or across
  • Paint wall tattoo across
  • Borders or garlands on the edges of walls, graduation or semi-high paint
  • Windows and doors, possibly with a supposed "perspective" motif
  • Representational comic or art motifs
  • Only color joints as contrast throughout or individually
  • Assemble single motifs on stones to a collage or a passe-partout
  • Panorama of a horizon, skyline, sky or landscape

Tips & Tricks

If you want to create a three-dimensional perspective with depth effect on your wall, then you are dealing with the vanishing point drawing.

Product Image: Robsonphoto / Shutterstock