Creating a stone wall - the best ideas

Since the world has discovered the design possibilities with veneers and inner loops, suddenly more and more stone is growing on German living room walls. However, the design options are far from exhausted: stone walls can be staged with numerous means. Like, read here.

Stone, metal and glass

In our living spaces, a symbiosis seems to be taking place. Traditionally very contrasting materials such as rustic natural stone, and the clear, strict surfaces of metal and glass grow together more and more and create the living design in harmony.

What once were strictly separate styles - the rustic cellar bar look and the highly polished, sober ambiance of stainless steel surfaces now fit together perfectly. It has been found.

If you are looking for an outstanding living space design, you will find it in the combination of materials. The heavily structured, rough stone wall needs a contrast in the room to find harmony: this can be coffee tables in steel and glass, floors in almost seamless large format tiles and covered dark tones and glass chimneys. You do not have to decorate the stone wall anymore - it speaks for itself.

Structured meets clear

Another contrast, which seems to harmonize excellently, is the combination of minimalist, reduced forms, clear lines and the natural disorder of a stone wall. What was already true of stone, metal and glass is also true here: the symbiosis is perfect. Applications for these two principles are unlimited.

Stone and light

An essential element for setting the stone walls right is the lighting. If a stone surface is illuminated directly by spots, it will radiate the light back into the room in a warm, strongly muted tone.

Spotlights on the ledge, which are aimed at the wall, create as convincing individual lighting as individual spots that illuminate the stone from above. One should pay sufficient attention to the lighting concept in the room - and always aim the spots and light sources on the stone wall - that creates an atmosphere in the room.

Stone and antique

We often wish to return to the "good old days" - when bathtubs were still made of metal and stood free in the room, and faucets looked huge, clunky and really old-fashioned - but also really nice. And where for the rustic stone wall - simply because decorative - just the wash bowl with the pitcher and the old, wood-framed mirror were to be seen. Stone walls can bring these dreams perfectly into reality - and help to create exactly this antique wellbeing feeling.

Tips & Tricks

Be careful if you want to combine stone and heavily textured wood - this is often incompatible. Stone needs to balance optically quiet surfaces and details in the room.

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