Make a stone wall yourself

Every time has your favorite construction techniques and design ideas. One of the big trends in the second decade of the new millennium is the stone wall in the house or apartment. Of course, real natural stones or the corresponding artificial stones would be quite expensive for many do-it-yourselfers. But this popularity of stone walls in the living area is certainly due to the availability of appropriate molds, with which you can even make your own stone wall. Afterwards you will receive an appropriate instruction to make the stone wall by us.

Get nature into the house with a stone wall

It certainly has something to do with the speed of our time. Everyday life has become stressful and labor-intensive. All the more reason to literally slow down in your own home. This is certainly the reason why more and more building materials from nature or those that mimic nature are used.

Just veneer instead of real natural stones

Natural stone walls are currently very popular in the interior of apartments and houses. But real natural stone walls have their weight on the one hand and their price on the other. Both in the rented apartment both can be a problem. The specialized trade has long reacted and also offers corresponding delusions that imitate natural stones.

Make veneers for the stone wall as well

However, they also have their price. However, molds for plaster and concrete slabs and panels are becoming more and more fashionable among do-it-yourselfers. So you buy only the basic products needed and pour your stone wall veneer yourself. The application possibilities are almost unlimited:

  • the TV wall as a stone wall
  • veneer conventional walls in the conservatory
  • Accents that radiate a natural ambience, in the kitchen
  • Bedroom in natural stone look
  • much more

Do not forget the special features of your specific project

In particular, the TV-stone wall has done it to many home improvement. Here, the stone wall is often combined with Plexiglas elements. Then the Plexiglas is illuminated. But keep in mind with such stone walls, which should be a TV wall at the same time, that also the TV mounts for the flat screen is to be integrated.

Make step-by-step instructions for the stone wall yourself

  • Alabaster
  • Construction adhesive (flexible adhesive, so high quality plastic-coated)
  • Primer for the wall surface
  • Silicone for connection joints
  • Acrylic for mending
  • Electric drill with stirrer
  • clean mortar or gypsum bucket
  • trowel
  • Tooth trowel, fine
  • foxtail
  • Mold for casting natural stone apertures

1. Pour the stone panels for the stone wall

First of all, you have to calculate how much plaster you really need. With 40 kg of construction plaster you can cast between 1.5 and 2 square meters, depending on the depth of the casting molds.

Stir the gypsum well according to the manufacturer's instructions. He must not be too fluid, but not too firm. Nevertheless, the plaster must be well filled with the plastic molds.

For some molds you need a release agent, not for others. Therefore, it makes sense to first pour a test form.

Now the newly cast gypsum plaster must cure for several hours and can then be easily pushed out of the molds.

2. Prepare the wall

If you want to make your stone wall yourself, you must also prepare the wall accordingly. Depending on whether it is a highly absorbent or a very slightly absorbent surface, you must pretreat the wall with the appropriate primer. Also follow the manufacturer's instructions here. Also keep in mind that the primer must also be suitable for flexible adhesives.

3. Make the stone wall itself and blend it

Now the flexible adhesive is mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Now the glue with the tooth trowel is raised onto the wall. Make corresponding webs in the adhesive mass. Then the natural stone panels are glued to the wall. At the wall ends and around door frames and windows you have to cut the plaster veneers to size. Holes for sockets and light switches are cut out with the circular saw on the drill.

4. Theses

Now you can grout the end joints with silicone. Defective areas or clearly visible joints between the individual facing elements are filled with acrylic. In contrast to silicone, it can also be painted over.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to give the homemade stone wall a special visual appeal, you can apply the color later in various techniques. For example, wiping or dabbing with a sponge or newspaper to get a nice surface texture. Of course we also offer in the house journal articles for wall painting in different techniques.