A stone wall for the garden: These are the costs!

Although the costs for a stone wall can not be assessed on a flat-rate basis, reference values ​​can be seen when looking at the price factors. How expensive is your wall?

These costs should be considered!

The price of materials and labor costs determine the total cost of your stone wall. From the following, partially optional points, the final price for your wall is composed:

  • Gravel, sand or concrete for the foundation
  • Rent for vibrating plate or rammer
  • drainage system
  • stone material
  • mortar
  • Maurer tool
  • Hourly wage for the bricklayer

Guidelines for the cost of your stone wall

A proper foundation of concrete on compacted gravel costs you including wages around 100 EUR per running meter. So your stone wall is really stuck.

For a low concrete block wall you pay about 50 to 100 EUR material costs per square meter. If you choose colored stones, the costs are up to 20% higher compared to natural gray material.

By contrast, unsorted bricks cost you around 80 to 180 EUR per ton, depending on the type of stone. Processed natural stones are more expensive, here the prices rise to over 200 EUR per ton. The mortar you can calculate with about 12 EUR per 25 kg sack.

Would you like to plant your stone wall? The accompanying plant stones cost you approximately 10 to 15 EUR per running meter. Added to this are the costs for the plants.

Price example a natural stone wall

A homeowner wants to limit his front yard by hand with a drywall natural stone wall. The wall should be about 1.20 m high and a total of 8 m long. He chooses greywacke bricks with a embedment depth of 20 cm and otherwise different dimensions.

Cost overviewprice
1. Gravel foundation300 EUR
2. 2.5 t greywacke800 EUR
total1,100 EUR

Attention at high wall heights!

Inquire exactly from which wall height you need a structural engineer, if your stone wall is to be slightly larger.

Tips & Tricks

Bring a drywall to flower by planting the joints!

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