A stone wall in the bedroom

Stone walls in the interior are modern and are very trendy. Especially in the living room, the so-called TV wall enjoys ever-increasing popularity. But of course stone walls are also ideal for other areas in the house or apartment. In the bedroom, for example, a stone wall creates a very special flair. We will show you how to make a stone wall in your bedroom yourself in the following instructions.

Stone walls - modern interior design

In the last few years a lot has changed in the interior design of apartments and houses. Numerous products like the wallpaper have experienced a true renaissance. But other techniques, which have been known for a long time, are again enjoying great popularity. These include in particular stone walls in the interior. The special thing about it - stone walls do not necessarily have to consist of "real" stone:

  • Stone wall made of veneers
  • Stone wall of straps
  • Stone wall made of natural stone
  • Stone wall made of certain building blocks (for example brick)

Products for interior stone walls

Stone walls made of natural stone are currently particularly popular. However, they also have their price. But especially in rental properties, it is questionable whether the cost is still in the right proportion. This has long been recognized by the building materials industry and offers you suitable alternatives.

Make the individual parts of your stone wall yourself

For example, natural stones are imitated by panels made of panels. But also straps are used again and again. In addition, however, a completely new trend has been able to establish itself for experienced DIY enthusiasts: simply water your stone wall veneers yourself!

Step by step instructions for a stone wall in the bedroom

  • possibly primer
  • Baugips for the delusions
  • suitable for building adhesive or flexible adhesive
  • Paint for brushing the cast plaster facing
  • possibly clearcoat
  • silicone
  • acrylic
  • Gypsum or cement plastic molds
  • Electric drill with stirrer
  • Mortar, very clean
  • foxtail
  • notched trowel
  • trowel
  • trowel
  • silicone syringe
  • Tool for painting

1. Pour the blender

Stir the construction plaster with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. However, you must first achieve the right consistency. For the casting molds, the gypsum must not be too liquid, but not too firm. Only stir as much gypsum as you can process within a very short time. That should be a lot for three to four plaster molds. Let the plaster harden and remove the veneers from the mold.

2. Preparing the bedroom wall

The wall in the bedroom must be prepared according to its absorbency (high or low) with a suitable primer.

3. Attaching the stone wall veneers

Now you have to touch the construction adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the glue to the bedroom wall with a tooth trowel. Then glue the individual castings firmly. These have to be adhered to natural stone-look molds (like aprons) bum-free. Nevertheless, you must adhere to the edges and to the bottom of an expansion joint.

3. Mending damaged areas and grouting

Open corners or the like can be repaired with acrylic. The expansion joints, on the other hand, are sprayed out with suitable jointing silicone.

5. Painting the new stone wall in the bedroom

If everything is dry, you can prepare the gypsum stone wall for painting. With different stroking techniques, you can achieve first-class effects that look like real natural stone. Then clear coat is then applied to protect the plaster against moisture.

Tips & Tricks

If you have never painted with effect effect, you will receive numerous tips and tricks, such as stroking and dabbing with a sponge.Of course, you can also buy the stone wall panels in stores. The working method is then the same. You can of course also build a real natural stone wall.

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