Stone wall in front of the terrace - you have these possibilities

Protection from the sun, from draft and from prying eyes: A stone wall around the terrace can be a good idea. What are the design options, and what you have to pay attention to in terms of height and foundation, read in this post.

Right wall height

First, think about the height at which you want to build the wall. That depends on whether you want a privacy screen, a decorative wall or a windscreen.

functionrecommended altitude
windshield50 - 60 cm
privacyaround 180 cm
sun protectiondepending on the desired shade
decorative elementvisually matching the rest of the garden design

Also pay attention to the allowable height in your municipality. If in doubt, ask your building authority if there are special requirements.

One aspect that you should always check before is the shading of the terrace. If a wall is too high, you may be able to remove too much sunlight at certain times of the day (depending on which direction you are in). Lots of shade can be pleasant in the summer - but in the cooler seasons, but also uncomfortable.

Possible construction methods

You can make a stone wall from all types of bricks. It is important to remember and plan the following:

  • a stable foundation
  • the sealing of the garden wall (pay particular attention to the wall cover
  • a possible protection of the wall (plastering, etc.) - but this is not absolutely necessary for all stone walls in the garden.

Easier ways to build

You can also build a natural stone wall around the terrace very simply as a drywall. You have less effort with the foundation, the wall looks rustic and close to nature, especially if you plant the drywall. This also increases their stability even further.

Gabion elements are another very easy way to erect a privacy screen around the patio. Overall, you have the least amount of work here and the costs are within reasonable limits.

Tips & Tricks

Let a GaLa farmer advise you on the design and the most suitable technical design. You often receive useful tips and suggestions and design suggestions that you may not have thought of yet. It's worth it quite often.

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