Stones as carpet? Facts about the balcony covering made of stone

A so-called stone carpet is an interesting covering variant for the balcony dar. It is laid after the thorough sealing of the substrate in slabs or sheets and brings many useful properties with it. Find out more about the advantages of a stone balcony cover and also read what has to be considered when laying this material.

The advantages of a balcony flooring made of stone

A stone carpet consists of embedded in transparent resin marble and quartz stones, which lie on a backing paper. This balcony covering brings with it some advantages:

  • Stone carpets are usually rot-free and long-lasting.
  • They also serve the improved sealing of the substrate.
  • The flooring is highly elastic, so there are no cracks.
  • The material has a slip-resistant effect even in wet conditions and reduces the risk of falling.
  • Sheets and sheets can be laid relatively easily.
  • If laid loose, individual panels can be replaced if damaged.
  • The floor receives a natural-looking stone decor.
  • Even decorative elements, such as inlaid, can be integrated.

The professional underground preparation

A stone balcony covering must be laid on a clean, even, dry and well-sealed underground. In addition, the floor usually requires a fine plaster application and a primer coat. Then the waterproofing membranes are laid out of bitumen or special foil.

When sealing the balcony make sure that all edges are watertight. Acrylic fleece and liquid plastic cuffs seal the areas around the railing posts.

The balcony area should also have a slope of 1 to 2%, so that the rainwater on the sealed area can drain well.

How to lay your stone carpet

Lay the stone carpet elements so that the joints of the waterproofing membranes do not coincide with the impacts of the top surface. The individual panels are laid firmly on joint without gluing and clamped at the edge zones in side profiles.

An angle grinder with a diamond disc is used to cut the plates, but also a tile wet trimmer can be used very well here. The individual elements are cut from the back. You can also scrape them with the cutter and break.

Finally, a skirting made of the same material is attached to the wall with PU adhesive. Seal the upper edge of the strip with outer silicone or with the PU adhesive already used.

Tips & Tricks

A granulate mortar is used for clean filling of broken edges and outer edges. This material also contains small stones that visually align with the stone balcony cover.

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