Porcelain stoneware in slate look: noble and discreet

Porcelain stoneware is robust, durable and insensitive. With its slate look, it also radiates value and elegance. What else there is to know about the porcelain stoneware tiles in this natural stone look, where they get them and what they cost, you will learn in this post.

Slate look and tiles instead of natural slate

Natural slate is a relatively expensive material that, although it is a stone, can sometimes be quite sensitive. As a floor covering indoors or as a wall covering natural slate is also difficult to work.

Advantages of porcelain stoneware

  • FSZ is insensitive to mechanical stress and dirt and even harder than diamond
  • FSZ is easy to clean
  • FSZ has a long life, often over many decades

Porcelain stoneware is produced using a special manufacturing process involving high pressure and high temperature. As a result, the surface is sintered completely dense and takes virtually no more water.

This makes the unglazed porcelain stoneware almost insensitive to stains and dirt, even discoloration can hardly occur. Due to the high hardness of the material, it also resists mechanical loads really well.

The most important advantage here is actually the price: porcelain stoneware is much cheaper than natural slate. Depending on the quality, porcelain stoneware tiles cost between 25 and 40 euros per square meter, only special designer pieces are sometimes more expensive, and can even cost up to 90 euros.

Slate-optic tiles can be found today in every well-stocked tile trade in a large selection - it is a consistently popular material. Tile dealers such as kerana.de or fliesenbox.com offer a comprehensive assortment in all price and quality categories.

That way you can save costs

Especially with products that are in demand as often as porcelain stoneware in slate look, it is worth comparing prices in any case. Again and again there are special offers, remainders and special series where you can consistently save a lot of money.

Occasionally, professional traders on eBay always offer residual and special items, usually at a very low price. But you should always keep an eye on the quality of the tiles.

Tips & Tricks

Always be careful with polished porcelain stoneware as a floor covering: the necessary impregnation can greatly reduce slip resistance in some cases.

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