Sitting stool comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zum Sitzhocker Comparison or Test 2018

  • It depends on the height: There are both fixed stools and those with variable heights, some of which can be used depending on the height as a standing aid to relieve the back.
  • When choosing one should note the intended use of the stool is intended: The longer you sit on it, the more ergonomic he should be.
  • The material plays an important role in durability. Wood and metal are usually more durable than plastics.

Sitting stool comparison 2018: stool

They are practical, can be stowed to save space when not needed, and meet many ergonomic and design requirements, depending on the model: no wonder seating stools are becoming increasingly popular.

Whether as a seat alternative in the (home) office, as a work aid in the kitchen, as an additional seat on the dining table, as a stool with storage space in the bedroom or as an alternative to the chair in the dining room or the armchair: There are numerous stools on the market and which is eligible for a purchase depends on various conditions: the purpose, the space in which the stool will stand, the desired design and whether it is about a stool or a bar stool should be.

It also applies: The best stool there is not so, many have the potential to seat stool test winner. Therefore, before you buy a stool, you should always inform yourself comprehensively. We clarify what types of stools are available what to look for when buyingwhich stool is suitable for the respective application and which criteria should be fulfilled. The different models can be seen here:

These types of stools are availableAdvantages of the types

Swivel stools

Sitting stool comparison 2018: comparison

They are often to be found as a kitchen stool, but are also used in hobby cellars, workshops or home offices as a seat alternative: A rotating seat is useful if you want to have the necessary tools at work quickly, without you inconveniently verrenken have to.

When buying is especially important to ensure that the rotation function is easy from the hand.

Rollable stools

Sitting stool comparison 2018: 2018

Roll stools are, as the name implies, equipped with castors on the foot. These can be mounted under a four-legged frame or under a round frame, there are also three-legged roller stools.

Stools with wheels are particularly flexible, they can be rolled up comfortably anywhere, but they can also unintentionally roll away - depending on processing and dead weight - with sometimes painful consequences.

The roles should therefore be determined, there are also stools with braked wheels, which prove to be safe and stable.

Rigid stool

Sitting stool comparison 2018: 2018

These stools offer a wide variety of options: They come as a bar stool with round or four-legged, as upholstered stool for the bedroom or as additional seating in the kitchen.

The material also varies and can range from the leather stool to the wooden stool. Rigid stools have no ergonomic features that can wear out, only the material can tire over time.

Ergonomic stools

Sitting stool comparison 2018: 2018

Ergonomic stools can be used as a seat alternative in the office or home office or as a replacement for the office chair. There are different concepts here.

Some work with movable seat joints or rubber rings in the foot, where the user has to constantly balance easily and thus remains almost imperceptibly in motion.

Others swing in all directions, to the sides as up and down and thereby relieve the back. Here it is important to pay attention to one's own needs; Stools with ergonomic functions should ideally be tested.

Stool with storage space

Sitting stool comparison 2018: 2018

Stools with storage can be used both in the bedroom and in the living room, for example as a couch stool. They are often upholstered and thus fulfill two purposes: as a seat and as storage space.

Stools with storage space either have a loose lid or can be opened with hinges. If the latter is the case, you should pay attention to the quality of the hinges when buying.

Height-adjustable stools

Sitting stool comparison 2018: stool

The optimum height of a stool is 45 centimeters. However, there are also height-adjustable stools that are practical when used on work surfaces of different heights.

Stand-up stools go up to 85 centimeters and support, if you have to stand for a long time or often want to change the working position or have to.

2. One question of the material: One should pay attention to this

Stools are not only practical, they are also subject to style issues as part of the furnishings. These are less noticeable in the office than in the bedroom or living room. You should not only pay attention to shape and color, but also to the material. These materials are common:

  • Wood
  • metal
  • Textile
  • plastic
  • leather

What advantages and disadvantages stool offer in general, you can read here:

  • cheaper than a chair
  • Also available with ergonomic features
  • save space in small offices
  • without a backrest, sitting can become uncomfortable faster
  • Stools are usually less adaptable to individual needs

2.1. Wooden stool

Stools are made of wood durable and stand for a natural style of living, They are available from light and dark woods and can be adapted to different environments. However, they can falter in terms of seating comfort. Some feel that a wooden seat is too hard. Remedy here seat cushions.

Tip: If you value ecological equipment, you will also find stools in the trade that come entirely from sustainable production, from the wood to the processing plant. Often, these also contain no metals.

2.2. Stool made of metal

Metal stools are ideal for hobby cellars and workshops. They are robust, durable and, if they are made of stainless steel, also rustproof. Metal stools can also show in a chic design and are then used as a counter stool.

2.3. Padded stools

Upholstered stools often have a wooden body. Above is a cushion layer, for example of foam, and a textile covering. They can come as a round stool, as a seat cube or as a seat and are characterized by a homely design.

2.4. Stool made of plastic

They are easy to care for, have a low weight, are water-repellent and can be found in all imaginable shapes and colors: Plastic stools are often used in the bathroom or in the nursery.

Danger:Depending on the quality, stools made of plastic can quickly wear out and the plastic can crack. Especially for use in the nursery you should therefore pay attention to a high quality of the material and unbreakable plastic choose.

2.5. Stool made of leather

Leather stools are sturdy and durable and get a desired patina over the years. So they are still beautiful after many years of use. This is true only if the quality of the leather is right. In addition, very cheap leather stools are often only partially made of genuine leather. The faux leather pads wear out faster, so the stool is faster unsightly.

Tip: To ensure that your leather stool stays beautiful for a long time, you should treat it to regular leather care. Choose one that is matched to the type of leather (plain or rough leather).

3. Seat stool in comparison: Which stool is most suitable for which purpose

Sitting stool comparison 2018: comparison

Stools made of wood look warm and natural.

Whether you choose a stool for the living room, for your office, for the kitchen or the workshop has a decisive influence on material, shape and color.

A stool in gray, for example, fits well in workshops or in the kitchen, a stool in white, however, can be a real design object and fits well into minimalist living spaces.

3.1. In the living room

In the living room, a stool can function both as a seat and as a storage space. You should pay attention to a homely style that matches the existing furnishings. This can be achieved by upholstery in matching colors or by warm woods. A leather stool is also suitable for the living room.

3.2. In the bedroom

For all weight classes
Be sure to pay attention to the maximum load of the stool; especially heavier persons should pay attention to it. A desk chair can usually handle up to 110 or 120 kilograms. The stool should be in no way inferior. There are also models for heavy people who can carry up to 150 kilograms and more.

Stools with storage space can provide space for blankets, pillows, sheets and other utensils in the bedroom. They are also a welcome seat in front of the dressing table.

In the bedroom, the material is also of particular importance. It should fit the decor and be as comfortable as possible. A upholstered stool, a seat or a seat cube are suitable here.

3.3. In the office

In the office, you can use the stool as an alternative to the office chair. To prevent back pain and tension, the stool should support the movement while sitting. Some work with a swinging technique that moves the seat joint.

An example of this is the manufacturer Topstar with the office stools called Sitness. Others are all about a spring movable, swing up and down and to all sides. The Swopper by Aeris is such a stool suitable for the office - by the way, it is also available with a backrest.

Tip: For protected work areas in the laboratory or in production, the so-called ESD workstations, there are special ESD stools. These are electrically conductive, so there is no danger that damage sensitive components.

3.4. In the kitchen

Sitting stool comparison 2018: 2018

Folding stools save space in small kitchens.

Kitchen stools should be rollable, rotatable and height adjustable. Ideally, they reach up to standing height (about 85 centimeters) and thus support you in all work.

In addition, kitchen stools are also available as temporary seating. They usually consist of wood, sometimes of plastic or metal.

4. How to build a stool yourself?

Do it yourself is in and even a sturdy, safe stool can be built by yourself. So why buy expensive, if you get the stool so cheap? It does not always have to be the IKEA stool. However, you should pay attention to robust material in the self-construction, solid wood is ideal.

You can get this at the hardware store or in specialized wood specialist stores. It is also crucial that all individual parts are sawed accurately. If you do not have a saw yourself, it is best to take your instructions to the specialized store or draw the contours of the stool on the wood.

5. What does Stiftung Warentest say?

An own seat stool test is not yet available from Stiftung Warentest. So far, only office chairs have undergone regular testing. Sitzhocker in comparison can be found in the network, however, some. Here, both office stools and stools for the living room are examined.

6. Can stools be stacked well?

That arrives on the stool. Round four-foot stools are often available as stacking stools. Office stools with ergonomic functions, on the other hand, can not be stacked, which alone prevents their substructure with seat hinge and gas spring for height adjustment. A space-saving alternative to the stackable stool is the foldable stool. This can be practically put together and then finds its place under the bed.

7. Are stools a desk chair replacement?

An ergonomic stool can replace the desk chair. This should be adjustable in height, be adjustable to the weight of the user and animate to move. Rigid stools or upholstered stools, however, are not suitable for the office. Long rigid sitting can cause headache, neck and back pain.

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