Build a fence made of wood or wood and metal yourself

In almost all constructions, which occur in a household and hobby workshop, sooner or later every now and again a right angle is needed. To enable alignment and control, a stop angle as a tool is indispensable. When you build yourself, it depends on the permanent degree accuracy to ninety degrees.

One or two-sided with or without approach

A stop angle should fulfill several tasks. In addition to the permanent accuracy of an investment opportunity to an indoor and an exterior angle is required. Ideally, the legs have staggered planes. This allows the pressing and plan laying the tool when measuring or controlling an interior angle.

Professional joiner's angles often consist of a wooden leg and a metal blade. In the self-construction can also be worked with two different strength wooden strips. The attachment function is already achieved by the simple superimposition of the legs. The more comfortable two-sided identical usable shape is realized by a slot offset or a 45-degree miter.

Working materials and auxiliary tools

  • Warp-free hardwood and / or metal sheet or strip
  • Cutting and sawing tool for wood and / or metal
  • Straight reference edge (ideally glass)
  • clamp
  • Lead or other marker pen
  • Geodreieck or protractor
  • Two countersunk screws with retractable nuts or
  • Two rivets with flat head or hollow rivets
  • Drill and drill

The two legs are prepared according to intentional design. The shorter leg is always the thicker. For the symmetrical two-sided variant, a central slot is cut in at the head end and the front side of the short leg. He must be able to record the longer antigone.

Fix, align and connect

After inserting or placing the two legs, they are temporarily clamped together with a screw clamp. The shorter leg is applied to the reference edge. On the longer leg, the outside angle line is marked with a marker pen.

Subsequently, the long leg is applied to the reference edge so that the outer angle of the short side comes to rest on the drawn line. After correction, the screw clamp is fixed so that two diagonally offset drill holes can be drilled by the overlap of both legs.

Tips & Tricks

To check the exact angle at a later time or at a purchase angle, screw it with the short leg onto a horizontal reference surface measured with the spirit level. A plumb line must run exactly along the edge of the upstanding leg.

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