Storm Lighter Comparison 2018

Kaufberatung zur Sturmfeuerzeug Vergleich or Test 2018

  • The storm lighter can also be used under difficult conditions in wind and weather. The lighters are usable even at minus degrees.
  • The storm lighter you usually have the choice between gas or gasoline lighter.
  • The storm lighter needs to be refilled less frequently than a standard lighter. This is useful for longer outdoor use, for example.

Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: storm

Who is out and about in the great outdoors, likes to camp and camp or just looking for his next trip to the beach a reliable lighter for lighting the grill, can not ignore the storm lighter. A storm lighter is designed for use in difficult weather conditions such as wind and storm - even strong wind does not blow out the storm lighter jet flame so easily.

The best storm lighter for your needs does not necessarily have to be expensive. Stiftung Warentest does not present a current test, but our purchase advice shows that you can buy a storm lighter cheap and still benefit from a high quality. So the storm lighter test winner does not necessarily have to be.

1. Purchase advice storm lighter - use in wind and weather

Replenish storm lighter with gas or gas
There are two variants of storm lighters available on the market, which differ in terms of fuel. Available are gas lighters for gas and gasoline. The gas lighter does without wick and creates a particularly resistant gas flame. The gasoline lighter has a wick similar to a regular lighter. The generated flame is not quite as resistant as a gas lighter. Nevertheless, the gasoline lighter compared to a normal lighter in the advantage.

The storm lighter offers you many advantages. For example, the Storm Lighter Jet Flame does not go off so quickly even at temperatures below zero degrees CelsiusA normal lighter with flint would fail here.

Many outdoor missions are therefore only possible with the storm lighter. For your storm lighter you need either gas or lighter fuel. Before you buy, look carefully at what type of storm lighter it is, so you can buy the right refill materials.

2. Storm lighters in comparison - these models are available in the market

If you want to buy a storm lighter, you should familiarize yourself with the equipment details of the offers from different manufacturers in each category. This will help you find the item that meets your needs faster. The following table shows at a glance which equipment details the manufacturers can score with.

Accessories / Equipmentdescription


Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: storm

  • Many lighters want to engrave the case. Even the manufacturers of storm lighters offer such an engraving.
  • Engraving is useful as a gift with storm lighters.
  • If the Storm Lighter carries the name of the owner as an engraving, it can easily return a finder to the loser.

Illuminated level indicator

Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: 2018

  • Some storm lighters are equipped with an illuminated level indicator.
  • Such a display is readable even in the dark.
  • Lighting is used for visual enhancement.

wind slide

Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: lighters

  • The windshield is used for flame regulation.
  • Flame strength can be more easily adapted to your own requirements.


Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: comparison

  • Some storm lighters are provided on the lid and strap with an eyelet.
  • Eyelet is used for threading a carrying strap.
  • Useful especially for outdoor use.

2.1. The advantages and disadvantages of storm lighters at a glance

In this table you can see the advantages and disadvantages of using storm lighters.

  • Storm lighters can be used even in strong winds, which can even inflame the flame.
  • Light rain and minus degrees do not bother the storm lighter.
  • Robust metal housing optimally protect the lighter.
  • Storm lighters are more expensive to buy than standard lighters.
  • Some storm lighters have only a plastic housing.
  • Gasoline lighters are slightly less powerful than gas lighters.

3. Purchase advice for the storm lighter for camping and more

Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: lighter

Storm lighters differ in many details

All available on the market storm lighters serve the purpose to produce a stable flame even in difficult weather conditions.

Decisive for the purchase of a particular model, however, are the details. For example, some buyers wish for a lighter with an engraving.

3.1. The storm lighter guy

The storm lighter works with either gas or gasoline. Gas lighters offer advantages in flame resistance. Both types, however, are better suited in strong winds than a standard lighter.

3.2. The ignition

The ignition can be done either by piezo ignition or by friction ignition. The piezo ignition is characterized by easy handling and can be found in gas lighters, the friction ignition is used in gasoline lighters. With spark ignition, you must turn the wheel while pressing the lighter button.

For this reason, the handling here is a bit more complicated than in the piezo ignition, in which a crystal is mechanically deformed, thus generating the spark for the ignition.

3.3. The outer material

Most storm lighters have a metal housing, cheaper models also plastic can be found. The highest robustness is exhibited by the metal housingswhich can withstand strong impacts and bumps. Plastic housings are significantly less robust in comparison.

Note:If you want to engrave your storm lighter, opt for a metal case.

3.4. The refillability

Most storm lighters available on the market are refillable, but not all products have this feature. If the storm lighter is not refillable, it is a disposable product that you must dispose of after emptying the tank.

3.5. The level indicator

Especially useful are lighters with a level indicator. Here you can see at a glance how much gas or gasoline is left. This will help you plan better when the next filling should take place.

4. The most important questions about the storm lighter

4.1. How does a storm lighter work?

In the function, it is important to distinguish whether it is a gas or a gasoline lighter. A gasoline lighter uses a wick soaked in gasoline.

The wick is protected against the wind in the lighter, so that the flame receives the necessary resistance. At the same time holes are made for the supply air to supply the flame with oxygen. The gas lighter, on the other hand, deforms a piezoelectric crystal, such as a quartz, which generates the spark and thus replace the wick of gasoline lighters.

The spark is generated as soon as the firing pin is activated. The crystal then generates an electrical voltage upon impact of the bolt which triggers the spark. This form of ignition is considered more modern and reliable.

4.2. Which gas is suitable for the storm lighter?

For lighters offers the trade special gas, which is available bottled, Make sure that the gas cylinder has appropriate adapters or nozzles for your storm lighter, so you can easily fill the gas into the lighter.

4.3. Where can I buy a storm lighter?

Storm Lighter Comparison 2018: comparison

Buyers pay attention to the equipment when selecting their storm lighters.

Storm lighters are available on the Internet, in the specialized trade and in the hardware stores. Usually you will find storm lighters where you can also buy standard lighters.

4.4. How do you fill a storm lighter?

Before refilling, make sure that the storm lighter tank is completely emptied. If this is not the case, there could be an overpressure in the tank, which makes refilling difficult. Then pump the gas or gasoline through a suitable adapter into the tank of the lighter.

4.5. How can I change the Storm Lighter Wick?

To change the wick on a lighter, you usually need to loosen a screw on the underside of the lighter with a spring attached to the flint.

After loosening the screw you can remove the old wick and replace it with a new one. Then replace the screw with spring and flint in the correct order.

4.6. Which manufacturers are important in the storm lighters market?

Opt for a lighter from a brand like

  • Colibri
  • Zippo
  • Colton
  • Cool
  • Dora
  • Dunhill
  • Dupont
  • Formula
  • GO,

You can always assume a high quality of the articles. But even with a storm lighter by Tedi, you are on the safe side with your purchase.

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