Stove and child safety

For children, the household carries a variety of sources of danger. A not insignificant source of danger is the stove in the kitchen. What are the possibilities of child safety, and what you should remember when children are in the home, read here.

Possible hazards with the stove

Children occasionally turn on all sorts of nonsense when you're not looking. The stove has the following hazards in particular:

  • Children can switch on the cooker unnoticed, which can cause heavy fires
  • Children can come into contact with hot cooking plates and burn themselves hard
  • Children can pull pots of hot contents off the stove and incur severe scalding (even that can be life-threatening for the child)
  • Children can burn themselves or get trapped in or on the oven

operator safety

In order to avoid unintentional switching on of the stove by children, there are various possibilities:

  • the control buttons on the stove can be secured by certain attachments, so that the controls can no longer be moved
  • Ceran panels with touch controls usually have both a key lock and a more comprehensive comprehensive child safety built-in
  • In the case of the gas stove, the ignition protection ensures that gas is not emitted unnoticed by turning on a regulator, but it is still advisable to back up the regulator

Contact protection for oven and pots

Oven grids ensure that smaller children can no longer get to the hot stove tops and pots. There are oven grills with a handy folding function, which allows easy folding up and down. This significantly reduces the risk of burns and scalding when pots are pulled down.

Securing the oven

A simple, simple protective latch prevents children from opening the oven door and injuring themselves. However, another danger is still a possibly hot disk at the oven.

Slices may reach temperatures of up to 80° C when operating the oven, and the panels and gag may be almost 50° C hot. Here only helps to keep the children during and after baking as effectively as possible from the vicinity of the oven.

Tips & Tricks

Induction cookers also provide some protection. Here, the hobs do not get hot even during operation so that neither fires nor burns can occur.